Building Design (Architectural)

C6136 – Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

  • Building interior design ourline #1

    Work by Eduardo Donatti on the Larder Project

  • Outside view of a building with woman and car#2

    Work by Eduardo Donatti on the Larder Project

  • Inside structure of a building #3

    Larder Project - Work by Daniel Ryvitch

  •  Inside structure of a kitchen #4

    Larder Project- Work by Daniel Ryvitch

Building Design will give you a broad base of knowledge in the architectural and construction technologies as applied to the design of buildings. This discipline equips you with knowledge and skills in both traditional and current building documentation techniques, graphic presentation, environmentally sustainable design, materials and services for buildings, building design processes, contract documentation and procedures for project administration.

Program information

Program guide – provides full details including, program structures, entrance requirements and application information.

New units of study include:

  • Working safely in the construction industry
  • Design safe buildings for all life cycle stages including the design itself, during the construction phase and end use
  • Undertake small business planning

Student work


Adaptable Haus

End of year Building Designs exhibition for 2012.


The Castlemaine Project

"A farmer’s collective has purchased a small building in the town of Castlemaine to showcase and sample the regional produce. Profits are returned directly back to the growers. The students were assigned the task of designing a building to facilitate the farmers requirement, that will also reflect growing public awareness of sustainable farming practices and low impact produce.”

These pictures are of the students visit to the location for initial assessment of the building. They also received a guided tour to gain background knowledge of the historic town.

Read the full article on the Castlemaine Larder Design Project.


Student output

Student output and design proposals are of the highest industry expected quality.

Student profiles

Student Ryan-Beadle

Ryan Beadle

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

“I chose RMIT because of the mentor program offered in partnership with the Building Designers association of Victoria. It’s also the most established Building Design course in Victoria.

I was so excited to be a first place finalist in the Building Designers association of Victoria Childcare Design Competition. It was a great experience because I got to use the theory and design skills I’d learnt. I also got to meet some really great industry people.

My goal is to develop a high end design and construction company that will tackle the problem of urban sprawl.”

student Sam Wang

Sam Wang

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

“I chose Building Design as a pathway to Architecture. I wanted to learn all the practical aspects of being a building designer, the design theories and the practical experience of working on industry projects. This program gets you industry ready by the time you finish the course.”


Students work in dedicated studios and computer laboratories in RMIT Building 94, 23 – 27 Cardigan Street. Specialist CAD studios, Digital Design studios, and Building Information Modelling studios are the main working space for our students.

students in a classroom


Lisa Mee – Teacher
Nino Lucci – Teacher
Nick Peraic – Teacher
Nicholas Rischitelli – Teacher
Andrew Rodda – Teacher
Peter Schenkel – Teacher
David Anderson – Teacher
Grace Leone – Teacher

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