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Jason Potts


  • PhD (Economics ), Lincoln University, New Zealand (1999)
  • B.Com (Hons, Economics ) University of Otago, NZ, (1993)


Applied Microeconomics

Research Interests

Evolutionary economics , Innovation economics (and policy), Institutional economics and Cultural economics .

Research Projects and Funding

  • ARC Future Fellowship (2012-2016) FT120100509 ‘The Innovation Commons: How Australian industries are pooling innovation resources and why this matters’ $835,000
  • Principal Research Fellow (since 2006) in ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation, funded 2003-2013. Chief Investigator in ‘evolutionary economics and creative industries’ stream. $260,000.
  • Chief Investigator in ‘Games and the Wider Interactive Entertainment Industry in Australia: An Inquiry into Source of Innovation’ LP100200056. $263,000.
  • Project Leader ‘Modeling 4th order complexity in financial systems’ (2004–6) ARC Centre for Complex Systems. Sub-projects: ‘Complex networks and the world trade web’; ‘Complex behaviour in financial markets’; ‘Networked expectations in complex adaptive systems’; ‘Decision rule cascades in complex networks’.
  • Founding member of the ARC Centre for Complex Systems, awarded in 2003.
  • ‘Computational models of complex adaptive systems’ UQ Research Development Grants Scheme $40,000

External Research Funding

Beijing Institute for the Science of Science (China) project on ‘Creative Cities Index’ (2011) $25,000

NESTA (UK) project on Creative Industries Innovation Vouchers (2008) $10,000

NESTA (UK) project on Embedded Creatives Workforce (2007) $10,000

CIRAC (QUT) project on Evolutionary Economics of Creative Industries (2006) $10,000


Major Publications:


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  6. Potts, J. (2000) The New Evolutionary Microeconomics: Complexity, Competence and Adaptive Behaviour. Edward Elgar. [Joint winner with Brian Loasby of the 2000 Schumpeter Prize.]


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Other Professional Publications:

  1. Bakhshi, H., Freeman, A., Potts J. (2011) State of Uncertainty: Innovation Policy Through Experimentation. NESTA Provocation 14. NESTA: London.
  2. Potts, J., Morrison, K. (2009) 'Nudging innovation: Fifth generation innovation, behavioural constraints and the role of creative business', NESTA working paper. (

Working Papers:

  1. Dopfer K, Potts J ‘Rule-based economics
  2. Dopfer K, Potts JPotts, J. Davidson, S. ‘Institutions of Innovation & the institutional possibility frontier’
  3. Potts, J., Shehadeh, T., Buddelmeyer, H. ‘Overeducation in Australia’s creative industries’
  4. Potts, J., Podkalicka, A. ‘A costly signaling theory of thrift and ethical consumption’
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  9. Potts, J., MacDonald, T. ‘A cultural consumption price index for Australia’
  10. Potts, J. ‘Evolutionary happiness economics


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