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Aerosp Mech & Manuf Eng

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+61 3 9925 6009


Building: 251
Level: 3
Room: 17

Bundoora East Campus


Science, Engineering & Health


  • B.E(Hons), 1972, Monash University. Commonwealth Scholar; Commonwealth Cadet Engineer.
  • M.Eng.Sci, 1974, Monash University, by major research; Field: Multi-variable Computer Simulation and Optimization of the Dynamics of Control Systems.
  • Ph.D, 1991, Monash University, Field: The Kinematic Analysis of Industrial Robots.

Employment History

  • 2003 - present, Discipline Director, Aerospace & Systems Engineering, RMIT
  • 2000, United Nations:Advisor Thai Government on Manufacturing
  • 1991, Foundation Assoc. Professor of Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • 1987 - 2003, Couse Leader, Discipline Leader in Manufacturing, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT
  • 1987, Engineering; Expert Robotics & Automation Consultant (Asia-Pacific region); 3 month mission, Thailand
  • 1985 - 1986, Executive Director, NIES Vic Centre for Robotics & Automation
  • (NIES: National Industry Extension Scheme)
  • 1984 - 1986, Senior Lecturer, Dept Robotics & Digital Technology, Monash University
  • 1981 - 1984, Senior Teaching Fellow, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Monash University
  • Principal, LEC Engineering & La Brooy Engineering Consultants
  • 1974 - 1981, Lecturer, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Bendigo College of Advanced Education
  • 1969 - 1972, Ordnance Factory Marybyrnong, Cadet Engineer through to Project Engineer, Machine Shop/ Special Projects, Department of Defence

Affiliations/ Professional Memberships

  • Elected to Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia. 1986.
  • Past Victorian Chairman, Australian Robotics Association.
  • Senior Member, Robotics International, S.M.E., U.S.A.
  • Former Member, International Standards Organization (Robotics), IS/6
  • Appointed Executive Director of the NIES Victorian Centre for Robotics & Automation
  • Past Chairman, Australian Robotics Association (Victorian Chapter).
  • Expert consultant in robotics and automation to UN

Areas of Research and Consulting Expertise

  • Led Research team in four major CRC IMST projects over the past 7 years.The projects were first centred on optimising nesting efficiency on steel and carbon fibre.The focus then turned to optimising cut path.My involvement in these projects has ranged from fractions of 0.5 to 0.9. Total incoming research funds for the CRC IMST projects over this period approx. 1.32 million.The research produced five PhD scholars, two of whom have completed.
  • Directed design of digitally-controlled industrial research robot.
  • Responsible for the design and construction of a high-speed, automatic rubber glove packaging machine (8 pr/sec at Ansell International) saving $1m p.a.
  • Led research team in Design for Assembly.
  • Trained the Robot Sheep-shearing team from UWA in advanced robotics theory; also trained all engineers and designers at Victoria's then premier (1985) robotics manufacturing company, Cybernetics Control.
  • Nominated UN Asia-Pacific Expert in robotics and automation.
  • Installed robotics and automation equipment for UN specialist project, Thailand, 1988.
  • Specified Automated Guided Vehicles used in Compact Disc (CD) manufacture with Disctronics P/L, Vic.
  • Principal Advisor to Alcoa on manufacture of extra large (200kg capacity) aluminium smelter core removal robot (now in use).
  • Planned high-speed automated parcel handling system, Australia Post.
  • Designed method of extracting high-speed, frozen, blood products from plastic bags (CSL).
  • Led team to design, manufacture and install high-speed, computer-controlled automotive glass orientation mechanism within twelve weeks (Pilkington).
  • Determined methodology of automatically assembling Lockwood 001 deadlatch bolt (Ogden Industries)
  • Supervised postgraduate research in voice recognition, digital control, digital control of hydraulic servomechanisms.
  • Presently supervising two PhD and one Master of Engineering candidates.
  • Led research on designing an automatic expert system nominating attributes of machinery for high-speed automated parts feeding.
  • Directed design and manufacture of Australia's first, fully digitally-controlled robot employing six microprocessors.

Industry Collaboration

  • Wind noise abatement in hospital wards
  • Advice on multiple die design for new model vehicle
  • Design of safety mechanisms in automated garment manufacture
  • Novel dog-pound noise control monitor
  • Feasibility of high-speed i-c insertion for automotive market
  • Design & manufacture of sound monitoring equipment to comply with EPA & Liquor Licensing Commission regulations
  • Research into the optimal design of horn-loaded loud speaker
  • Research into the design of infinitely variable vehicular hydraulically powered transmission
  • Research into the digital control of robots
  • Prevention of tearing in the manufacture of domestic baths by the deep-drawing process.
  • Investigation into robotic dishwasher polishing.
  • Feasibility study in using Automatic Guided Vehicles in Clean-Room production of compact disc recordings.
  • Design of automated parcel handling systems in Australian Mail Centres
  • Design of high-speed ejection of frozen blood plasma from packs
  • Design of intelligent, high-speed fully automated, rubber glove orientation and packaging system
  • Design, manufacture and installation of a computer-controlled, windscreen turn over machine.
  • Design of high-speed door lock bolt assembly system
  • Design of multi-automatic screw-driving system
  • Provision of industry training courses on robotics and high-speed automation
  • Infringement in use of forged fasteners in building of prison cells
  • Deformation in machining
  • Providing expert opinion on Tetrapak manufacturing machine patent infringement
  • Expert evidence on patent infringement and revocation in castor fastening
  • Automated meat inspection and de-boning
  • Sound-proofing of commercial flour tankers
  • Advice on design of high-payload ingot positioning robot

Selected publications

La Brooy, R, "On the Optimization of Hydraulic Control Systems Response", M.Eng.Sci. Thesis, Monash University, 1974

La Brooy, R & Dransfield,P., "On the Optimization of Hydraulic Control System Response", Proc. 4th. Intnl Fluid Power Symposium, Univ. of Sheffield, London, U.K., April, 1975.

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La Brooy, R.,"On the Determination of an Inverse Kinematic Analysis Solution to a Five Degree of Freedom, Serially-Linked Industrial Research Robot",2nd National Conference on Robotics,Perth, May,1986.

La Brooy, R.,"The Verification of an Inverse Kinematic Solution Set of an Industrial Robot Using Solid Geometry".3rd. Intnl Conf. on Manufacturing Engineering, Newcastle, August, 1986

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La Brooy, R., “Robotics in the Plastics Industry", Plastics Industries Association Conf., 1989

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La Brooy, R, "On the Kinematic Analysis of Industrial Robots", Ph.D thesis, Monash University, Melbourne 1990

Goodman, C,La Brooy, R &Travella, L., "A User - Friendly Package Design for Assembly", Trans IEAust vME 16,no2, August, 1991

La Brooy, R, "Improving Australia's Manufacturing Performance", IIR Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Melbourne & Sydney, December 1990

La Brooy, R.,"On the Formation of Jacobians Using the Principles of Classical Kinematics and their Equivalence with Accepted Robotics Terminology".Intnl Conference on Manufacturing, University of Hong Kong, December 1991

La Brooy, R. &Pugh, D., The Changing Nature of Manufacturing Education., Intnl Conference on Manufacturing, Hong Kong, December 1991

Former publisher of industry-wide, NIES funded magazine "ROBOTICS NOW".

Author of text book entitled "The Kinematics of Industrial Robots"

Other Achievements:


  • Listed in Who's Who in Engineering Aust. & N.Z, 1987-1988
  • Listed in The Australian directory of Academics, 1990
  • Cited in Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Jrnl. Comp. & Info. Sc.v35,/5, 1987.

Research and Development Grants received:

(Non inclusive of CRC IMST research grants listed above)

  • NIES Centre for Robotics & Automation:Grant to establish the Centre ($250k)
  • DEET:Research project into design for high-speed assembly ($30k)
  • FORD:Supply of Industry courses $100k pa ($300k)
  • VEF:Grant to improve mfg. infrastructure at RMIT and establish a computer simulation laboratory ($535k)
  • RMIT:Acquisition of Manufacturing equipment grant $250k
  • CRC- IMST for Nesting and cut-pat determination for cutting. ($1.4 million)