Governance and management

Ceiling of buiding 20

The governing authority of RMIT University is the Council. Its prime responsibilities are set out under the RMIT Act 2010 (PDF 756.9kb 69p) and in the Council Governance Charter (PDF 128kb, 4p). The Council has the direction and superintendence of the University and Council members participate in formulating University policy and monitoring the University’s performance. The Council appoints the Vice-Chancellor and senior executives.

The Academic Board, which is also established under the Act, is the principal academic authority is responsible for recommending new programs, regulations and policy to Council and for establishing procedures related to both Higher Education and Vocational Education.

Council delegates the operational aspects of managing the university to the Vice-Chancellor and President who is the University's chief executive officer and is responsible for the overall direction of strategic planning, finance and external affairs. The Vice-Chancellor is supported by an executive team that provides advice on policy and administrative matters relating to their area of responsibility.