Student Union

Student Union website

The Student Union is the representative body of all enrolled RMIT students. Its aim is to advance the educational, welfare, social life, and cultural activities of its members. It is run by students, in the interest of students. Each year students elect the Student Union representatives who run the Student Union and represent students on University committees.

The Student Union provides:

  • Student Rights Officers to help if you have problems with your course or teacher
  • lots of events on campus (bands, comedy, orientation events)
  • student representation throughout the University
  • research and campaigns to improve the situation facing students at RMIT
  • research and campaigns against the attacks on education by the Federal Government
  • research and campaigns on important social issues
  • Activities Department
  • Welfare and Education Department
  • Women's Department and Women's Room
  • Queer Department
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Student Media and publications: Catalyst (newspaper), RMITV, Student Radio (SYN FM), Don't Panic (newspaper), TAFE Talk (newsletter)
  • Postgraduate Association