20 March 2011

Qualitative Interest Group: Grounded Theory

This meeting will focus on Grounded Theory. Since Glaser and Strauss published the famous Discovery of Grounded Theory over forty years ago, the method has been perhaps the most commonly claimed and certainly the most controversial way of handling qualitative data.

Since the very public dispute between the original authors, and Strauss’s subsequent death, it has become a minefield for students wishing to work this way. So why bother? What is so special about Grounded Theory? What techniques are unique to this method and do they work? When is a theory grounded? And when should you absolutely avoid claiming you are “doing” Grounded Theory?

Event Details


Qualitative Interest Group - Grounded Theory


Adjunct Professor Lyn Richards




12.30 pm – 2.00 pm (lunch at 12 pm)


RMIT Building 108, 239 Bourke Street, Level 15


Please email lyn.richards@rmit.edu.au

Further details

Please contact Lyn Richards at lyn.richards@rmit.edu.au for more information.

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