23 June 2011

RMIT hosts first youth e-Health forum

RMIT University has hosted the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) Youth e-Health Forum, which looked at how the healthcare sector can make smarter use of technology.

The forum earlier this month focused on the development of the personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR), a key element of the Australian Government's national health reform agenda, designed to provide better health services and outcomes for all Australians.

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AO, Head of Clinical Leadership and Engagement at NEHTA, led the forum.

"This was an opportunity for young people to help make the national health system more suitable for themselves, their families and their friends," Dr Haikerwal said.

"The direction, advice and advocacy provided by the attendees will help ensure the system works the best way possible."

The forum brought together 35 young healthcare professionals from all over Australia and produced lively discussion and debate.

Dr Elaine Saunders, Director of Industry Engagement, Marketing and Development with the College of Science, Engineering and Health, said RMIT was proud to host the forum.

"RMIT is a global university of technology and design, and finding new ways to use technology that provides opportunities to tailor the way healthcare is delivered is an exciting concept and one the University is pleased to support," Dr Saunders said.

All Australians will be able to register for their PCEHR from 1 July, 2012.

For the first time, Australians who choose to participate will be able to see their important health information when and where they need it, and will be able to share this information with their trusted healthcare providers.

The Department of Health and Ageing is working with NEHTA on the project.

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