06 December 2011

Daniel extends internship at Rolls-Royce

Daniel Aggromito, the 2011 RMIT University international intern with the Rolls-Royce Corporation in the US city of Indianapolis, has had his internship extended.

RMIT graduate Daniel Aggromito with his Rolls Royce colleagues

John Suding (Senior Manager, Programs), Daniel Aggromito (Deputy Proposal Lead), Mike Jager (Chief Project Engineer), Daryl Mastin (Director, Programs) and Jim Payton (Director, Business Development).

Mr Aggromito started his internship on the F136 engine program working in Business Development.

He has now assumed a new role working in the Rolls-Royce, Civil Helicopters and Light Turboprops organisation under the leadership of Jim Payton, Director Business Development.

He gained the internship through the RMIT International Industry Experience and Research Program (RIIERP).

Mr Aggromito's dedication, business acumen, and engineering education with RMIT were all key factors in the decision to extend his internship until the end of the year, Mr Payton said.

"Daniel has been an incredible asset to our Business Development team and has been a contributor to multiple international rotorcraft sales campaigns.

"The flexibility and high quality of these RMIT interns continues to impress me," Mr Payton said.

Mr Aggromito will continue to provide support to a sales business team on various international campaigns until the conclusion of his secondment.

"My internship extension will provide me with a great opportunity to continue to grow professionally and assist the team to 'win' some interesting international sales campaigns," he said.

"It's a great privilege to be asked to extend my work assignment at Rolls-Royce and continue to support the team."

RIIERP Director, Professor Sylvester Abanteriba, said: "At RMIT we very much appreciate the dedication that Jim Payton and his team have given to helping our students grow professionally in an industry environment.

"So far every intern has returned home with a sense of having belonged to a team from which they learned a great deal.

"The extension of the internship enables Daniel Aggromito to hone his skills in another business area, and bears testimony to the team's appreciation of his contribution."

Mr Aggromito graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) and a Bachelor in Business (Management).

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