28 April 2010

A passion for the law

John Van Beveren

John Van Beveren

When John Van Beveren started the Juris Doctor at RMIT University he was unsure whether he would continue to pursue a career in the legal sector.

It was the lecturers at RMIT and now at Leo Cussen Institute that fed his passion and encouraged him to continue.

Dr Van Beveren first developed an interest in the law whilst completing his MBA in 2000. He graduated from the Juris Doctor program in 2009 with distinction.

“I gained valuable skills and knowledge of the legal profession, the law and legal processes,” he said.

Dr Van Beveren is currently the Academic Director in charge of Higher Education division at Carrick Higher Education in Melbourne.

He believes the same advice applies whether you are pursuing a career in law or the education sector.

“Unless you are passionate about education don’t bother working in the sector. If you want to make money then education isn’t for you!

“Some of these statements are now true of the legal profession.

Despite what many people believe, lawyers don’t seem to be paid very well considering the hours and work they put in.

But then if you are passionate about the law and the legal system, this won’t matter.”

When asked by his colleagues and friends why he decided to embark on a legal career, John refers back to one of his favourite books, “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

“Not that I want to save the victims of the world but I believe everyone should receive legal representation when they need it, and this can only happen if a person like Atticus Finch is there for them.”

Dr Van Beveren’s next step is to finish the online training course at Leo Cussen Institute.

He will then apply for admission to the Supreme Court of Victoria as a legal practitioner.