01 October 2004

DSC Teaching Award Winners 2004

A congratulatory letter from Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Alan Cumming.

We are pleased to announce the outcomes of the DSC Teaching Awards 2004.

We were delighted that so many students recognised the good teaching practices of their lecturers/teachers by nominating them for a teaching award. It was heartening that in their presentations, nominees expressed great enthusiasm and thoughtfulness about their engagement with their students.

We thank the nominees for their commitment to following through their nomination to the 2004 DSC Teaching Awards.

Portfolio Award recipients have progressed to the RMIT Teaching Awards as representatives of the Portfolio.

The Panel agreed to award the following prizes:

Student Centred Teaching
Jo Haddow, Fashion and Textiles
Julie Faulkner, Education
Lynton Brown, International and Community Studies
Sandra Irvine, Creative Media
Sherridan Maxwell, Sonia Le Fevre, Jodie Eden-Jones, Mandy Morrison, Sharon Donohue, Murray McInnerney and Sean Axelrod, International and Community Studies
Susie Costello, Social Science and Planning

Scholarship of Teaching
Patricia McLaughlin, Property, Construction and Project Management

Research Supervision
Peter Downton, Architecture and Design

Educational services to the local and/or regional community Institution Award
Enza Santangelo, Helen Smith, Mary Serafim and Yiota Giannoulas, International and Community Studies

Policies and practices that enhance the quality of teaching and learning in RMIT Institution Award
Rosetta DiGiangregorio, Michael Goss, Nino Lucci, Richard Peterson, Gordon Bell, Andrew Rodda, Peter Schenkel and Nicholas Rischitelli, Built Environment

The following nominees have been awarded Portfolio commendations anad certificates in recognition of their practice:

Outstanding Early Career
Diego Ramirez, Architecture and Design
Windsor Fick and Paul Ritchard, Applied Communication

Outstanding Practitioner
Susan Westcott, Applied Communication

Outstanding Sessional
David Astle, Creative Media
Matthew Clarke, Social Science and Planning
Siew Fang Lew, International and Community Studies

Certificate of Achievement (Student Centred Teaching)
Andrew Scott, Social Science and Planning
Benno Engels, Social Science and Planning
Caroline Leitch, Applied Communication
Cathy Greenfield, Applied Communication
Diane Cook, Applied Communication
Jackie Dickenson, Applied Communication
Kathy Douglas, Social Science and Planning
Lindsey Glover, Built Environment
Nick Richardson, Applied Communication
Robin Stewart, Applied Communication
Rosalea Monacello, Architecture and Design
Ross Lord, Creative Media
Sally Wright, Creative Media

Certificate of Achievement (Research Supervision)
John Jackson, Social Science and Planning
Sue Thomas, Architecture and Design

Awards and certificates were presented at the Portfolio Forum on September 15th.

Thank you to the members of the panel who contributed to the decision making in this exciting but difficult process.

Congratulations to all participants and recipients of awards.

Professor Alan Cumming
Pro Vice Chancellor
Design and Social Context