Physics at RMIT

Physics at RMIT (formerly the RMIT Department of Applied Physics) makes a significant contribution to the teaching of Physics in Victoria, under the direction of Professor Peter Johnston. It is staffed by 30 academics and research staff, 6 technicians and 5 general staff. We have over 100 undergraduate students enrolled and almost 40 postgraduate students. Physics is located on both the City Campus and Bundoora Campus (see below).

The general aim is to produce graduates who will excel in applying their knowledge of physics in their future careers. This is accomplished by:

  • providing a stimulating educational program in both the fundamentals and applications of physics;
  • including a large component of intensive laboratory and project work; and
  • where possible, integrating into the educational program the technical problems currently under investigation by staff, often in collaboration with industry, other laboratories and government organisation.

Physics offers a selection of Academic Programs which give a thorough education in the fundamentals of physics as well as applications of physics. There is a wide variety of world leading research conducted by Research Groups. Some of our current and exciting projects include measuring cosmic ray induced radioactivity in meteorites (collaborative project), computer simulations of the structure and properties of nano-diamonds and remotely detecting plastic landmines and other unexploded ordnance. Most groups have their own well-equipped laboratory. In addition to these laboratories, we have:

  • Three 1stYear Physics Laboratories (City Campus)
    Laboratory work is an important component of physics education. The department has three laboratories dedicated to 1styear physics. They are situated in Building 14, Level 4, Rooms 02, 06 and 08. Physics undergraduates typically do 20 practicals in their first year. Students from other disciplines, such as other science subjects or engineering, typically do 3-8 practicals per semester.
  • 2ndand 3rdYear Physics Laboratories
    These laboratories are adjacent to or in conjunction with our research laboratories.
  • Computer Laboratory (City Campus)
    Situated in Building 14, Level 4 is one of several 24 hour computer laboratories. This laboratory is of particular interest to physics students, as the Department has priority access for scheduled classes between 8:30 am and 11:30 am each weekday.
  • Applied Physics Mechanical Workshop (City Campus)
    A mechanical workshop dedicated to our department is located in Building 14 on Level 2.

Activities at the Bundoora Campus

Part of Physics is located at the Bundoora Campus, and focuses on digital technology subjects as well as teaching service physics to students in Life Sciences. The Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing and Digital Technology) is studied here. Physics at Bundoora is staffed by 2 full-time academics and several part-time staff.

Contact Details

Location: City Campus, Corner of Swanston and Franklin St, Building 14, Level 5, Room 7 (Main Office).

Postal Address:
Applied Physics
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Telephone: (+61 3) 9925 2600
Fax:(+61 3) 9925 5290

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