12 July 2012

Seminar Series 2012: The Shift Minimisation Personnel Task Scheduling Problem

RMIT City campus, Friday 20 July


The Shift Minimisation Personnel Task Scheduling Problem


Dr Andrewas Ernst
Research Scienctist, CSIRO




11.30 am – 12.30 pm


RMIT City campus, Building 10, Level 8, Room 4 (10.08.04)


We consider the problem of assigning tasks with fixed start and end times to workers. The set of workers that can perform a task is limited based on qualifications of the workers, shift times or other limitations. The aim is to create an assignment of all of the tasks which requires the least number of shifts. In this talk integer programming based algorithms are presented for obtaining both exact and heuristic solutions. The exact method relies on a novel branching method and column generation, while the heuristic algorithms are based on Lagrangian relaxation. Computational results demonstrate the effectiveness of these approaches.

This work is co-authored with Mohan Krishnamoorthy and Davaatseren Baatar.

About the speaker:

Dr Andreas Ernst is a research scientist, at CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, Clayton.

Seminar Organisation

Seminars are free and open to the general public. No booking is necessary. If you require further information please contact the seminar co-ordinator xiaodong.li@rmit.edu.au.