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Early career researcher wins Phillip Law Prize 19/08/2014
A Senior Research Fellow at RMIT has been awarded the 2014 Phillip Law Postdoctoral Award for Physical Sciences.


Proven innovator in higher education to head RMIT University 10/07/2014
RMIT Chancellor, Dr Ziggy Switkowski AO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Bean as Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT.


RMIT awarded $2.36m in ARC Linkage funding 02/07/2014
RMIT University has been awarded more than $2.36 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants.


Micro breakthrough wired for sound 30/06/2014
In a breakthrough discovery, researchers have harnessed the power of sound waves to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing.


Small beginnings 29/05/2014
Our insatiable appetite for sleeker, faster, stronger and more efficient technology is driving micro nano research further than ever before.


Better by design 29/05/2014
Most people think of design as the way something looks and feels. But as Steve Jobs said: "Design is how it works."


Motor for the mind 29/05/2014
It's as wide as a human hair and weighs as much as a grain of salt, but this tiny motor is so powerful it can save lives.


Nano nerve centre 29/05/2014
More than 1.4 billion microscopic particles float around in the average office.

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// Wired for success with the Dyne Industries scholarship
In 2010 Dyne industries offered a scholarship for up to two years to an electrical engineering student interested in power engineering. This scholarship meant that the recipient had their tertiary fees paid and gained some valuable work place learning.


// Hybrid Fuel Cell Technology wins two awards at the RMIT 2008 Business Plan Competition
A team from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering received two awards at the RMIT 2008 Business Plan Competition Awards on 16 October 2008.


// School of Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers receive ARC Discovery Grants
Three of RMIT's fourteen Australian Research Council Discovery Grants were awarded to researchers from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the first round of grants for 2009.