RMIT Venue Hire Requirements/Forms

Student Application for Space Hire

Students may book space at RMIT University for use with their clubs, groups etc. To apply for a particular room, BBQ or area of the University, please fill out our online form. Please remember to submit your application with at least two weeks notice prior to the use of the space.

Student Application for Space Hire (Not for Filming)

You will be contacted by email to inform you on the progress of your request (Please check your email account regularly to avoid disappointment).

Filming, Videos, Photoshoots and Installations (sculptures etc)

Film and Art students may use areas of the University for their film shoots, photographic shoots, art installations, upon approval. Interested students should fill out the form listed below:

Filming/Videos, Photoshoots

Applications MUST be submitted a minimum 3 weeks prior to the shoot/installation with all accompanying documentation (please refer to the form for more details).