Student profiles


Daniel Stavrevski
Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology)/Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences)


Scott Todd
Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology)/Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences)


Physics is the science of how our universe works. Physicists study the behaviour of matter and energy, and the interactions between the two from the very smallest scale nanoparticles to the very biggest galaxies and the universe itself.

At RMIT, researchers are conducting experimental and theoretical studies in the areas of chemical and quantum physics, atomic and molecular modelling, materials sciences, geophysics, optics and medical physics. Many of these projects are interdisciplinary in nature and are performed by teams with members from across the College of Sciences, Engineering and Health. Collaborations also exist with external government, industry and academic institutions both nationally and internationally including: BHP Billiton, BlueScope Steel, Cytopia.

In addition to offering a Physics stream in the Bachelor of Science multi-major degree, the group contributes to courses taught in the Nanotechnology double degree flagship program. Also offered is a double degree in Physics and Electronic Engineering and a Master’s by research degree in Medical and Health Physics. An Honours year program and postgraduate research degrees available in Physics at Master’s and PhD level.

Researchers and students alike use state-of-the-art refurbished facilities including: new purpose-build microscopy and microanalysis laboratories which house sophisticated electron microscopes and surface analysis instrumentation.