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23/10/2014 The Cities Programme of the United Nations Global Compact – an opportunity for international impact and engagement This session presents an overview of the Global Compact Cities Programme and looks at the opportunity it presents for RMIT - as an institution - and for its academic community.

23/10/2014 Winning the battle for International Research Collaborations This keynote address by Ms Rohini Kappadath, Director of Pitcher Partners will present ideas for the University and its globally focused researchers on how to embark on their own journey of building and winning International research collaborations.

23/10/2014 Money doesn’t bring happiness, but neither does poverty We all know that money does not buy happiness, but the question remains what does it bring?

24/10/2014 The 2nd Thai Australian Business Studies Conference The theme for this conference is Regionalisation, Skills Development and Thailand.

24/10/2014 On the origin of firms from the innovation commons Jason Potts & Prateek Goohra presents On the origin of firms from the innovation commons

24/10/2014 Work of Leadership Cluster ‘Explorespace' session The Center for Business Education Research invites you to an 'Explorespace' session being organised by the “Work of Leadership Cluster”. Academic and PhD colleagues are encouraged to attend and actively participate.

24/10/2014 These Compulsive Behaviours - Part 4, RE:EVOLUTION RESONANCE, an interactive audiovisual tabletop artwork developed at RMIT University, will feature at the Melbourne Festival.

24/10/2014 Research evaluation schemes Paul Gough will lead a discussion on "Research evaluation schemes elsewhere – some [possible] lessons to learn."

27/10/2014 Melbourne Knowledge Week: PERSONA-lise Unveil your game persona in Persona-lise, a workshop designed for those interested in gamification and understanding how to personalise its approach.

28/10/2014 HIRi Seminar Series - Professor Nigel Bunnett Professor Bunnett will present new information showing that receptors can signal from the endosomal system to induce pain and inflammation.

29/10/2014 Melbourne Knowledge Week: Exploring the potentials of virtual reality A presentation on virtual reality and its potentials in architecture, simulations and training.

29/10/2014 Big Bang Sounds How is new knowledge impacting the creative imaginations of today? This conversation will take you into the Big Bang depths and back again.

30/10/2014 Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum, sponsored by Australian Academy of Science and RMIT's Platform Technologies Research Institute.

11/11/2014 Management of Wastewater and Trade Waste In conjunction with Engineers Australia, the Water: Effective Technologies and Tools (WETT) Research Centre at RMIT University will run two wastewater-related workshops.

12/11/2014 The Turn Series: The Experiential Turn Activate your senses for a cross-disciplinary exploration of memory, perception and performance in The Experiential Turn.

19/11/2014 RMIT Teaching and Research Awards 2014 Recognition of outstanding research and teaching excellence.

24/11/2014 HIRi Seminar Series - Dr Gyorgi Panyi Dr Panyi will discuss the biochemical, structural and pharmacological features of Vm24, a natural peptide isolated from the Mexican scorpion, Vaejovis mexicanus smithi.

24/11/2014 The RMIT Accounting Educators’ Conference, 2014 This is a forum for accounting educators to share their research findings in addressing key issues and developments in accounting education.

25/11/2014 HIRi Seminar Series- Associate Professor Peter Noakes Associate Professor Peter Noakes from the University of Queensland will hold a seminar at the Health Innovations Research Institute’s 2014 Seminar Series, a range of discussions which will address key health issues.

28/11/2014 Greening the Australian Auto Industry: Local hype versus political economic realities Caleb Goods, Curtin University presents Greening the Australian Auto Industry: Local hype versus political economic realities

There are currently no research seminars scheduled at this time. Future events will be listed here when available.