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27/10/2014 Melbourne Knowledge Week: PERSONA-lise Unveil your game persona in Persona-lise, a workshop designed for those interested in gamification and understanding how to personalise its approach.

28/10/2014 HIRi Seminar Series - Professor Nigel Bunnett Professor Bunnett will present new information showing that receptors can signal from the endosomal system to induce pain and inflammation.

29/10/2014 Women and Leadership The Research Capacity Building team (RCBT) invites you to its 2014 Women and Leadership Panel Event: 'Sticky floors and glass ceilings are no match for me! - The best and worse piece of career advice'.

29/10/2014 Melbourne Knowledge Week: Exploring the potentials of virtual reality A presentation on virtual reality and its potentials in architecture, simulations and training.

29/10/2014 Big Bang Sounds How is new knowledge impacting the creative imaginations of today? This conversation will take you into the Big Bang depths and back again.

30/10/2014 Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum Early and Mid-Career Researcher Forum, sponsored by Australian Academy of Science and RMIT's Platform Technologies Research Institute.

11/11/2014 Management of Wastewater and Trade Waste In conjunction with Engineers Australia, the Water: Effective Technologies and Tools (WETT) Research Centre at RMIT University will run two wastewater-related workshops.

12/11/2014 The Turn Series: The Experiential Turn Activate your senses for a cross-disciplinary exploration of memory, perception and performance in The Experiential Turn.

19/11/2014 RMIT Teaching and Research Awards 2014 Recognition of outstanding research and teaching excellence.

24/11/2014 HIRi Seminar Series - Dr Gyorgi Panyi Dr Panyi will discuss the biochemical, structural and pharmacological features of Vm24, a natural peptide isolated from the Mexican scorpion, Vaejovis mexicanus smithi.

24/11/2014 The RMIT Accounting Educators’ Conference, 2014 This is a forum for accounting educators to share their research findings in addressing key issues and developments in accounting education.

25/11/2014 HIRi Seminar Series- Associate Professor Peter Noakes Associate Professor Peter Noakes from the University of Queensland will hold a seminar at the Health Innovations Research Institute’s 2014 Seminar Series, a range of discussions which will address key health issues.

28/11/2014 Greening the Australian Auto Industry: Local hype versus political economic realities Caleb Goods, Curtin University presents Greening the Australian Auto Industry: Local hype versus political economic realities

There are currently no research seminars scheduled at this time. Future events will be listed here when available.