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23/09/2014 Light Engineering by 3D Laserprinting - from bionic design to quality assurance Presented by Professor Dr.-Ing. Claus Emmelmann, Head of the Institute of Laser and System Technologies at Hamburg University.

25/09/2014 The Politics of Care in Participatory Design Practice Participatory Design (PD) is concerned with the human-centered ethics of user-input as part of any design intervention.

26/09/2014 Using qualitative data analytics through a three stage process You are invited to the School of Business IT and Logistics research seminar by the Visiting Professor Raj Gururajan, University of Southern Queensland.

26/09/2014 International Mining and Development: How Multinational Corporations Promote Gender Equity Nattavud Pimpa, Sheree Gregory and Dora Carias Vega presents International Mining and Development: How Multinational Corporations Promote Gender Equity

30/09/2014 HIRi Seminar Series - Professor Lyn Griffiths Professor Lyn Griffiths from the Queensland University of Technology will hold a seminar on molecular genetics of migraine and implications for therapeutic development.

30/09/2014 Qualitative Interest Group: Supervising and being supervised in qualitative projects Next meeting on Tuesday 30 September, by popular demand is on 'Supervising and being supervised in qualitative projects'.

30/09/2014 Workshop on Complex Networks: Theory and Applications This one day workshop brings together the RMIT research community to present recent developments in the theory and applications of Complex Networks.

02/10/2014 Customer Investment Strategies developed with the benefit of Hindsight In this research seminar, Dr Doug Thomson from the Graduate School of Business will talk about his research that investigates time and cost investment in tendering for the projects.

09/10/2014 Research on food supply chain risk management Risk management of food supply chain is a complex and special management process.This seminar will introduce the concept and characteristics of the food supply chain.

15/10/2014 Science and medical sciences postgrad information session Speak with RMIT representatives about your postgraduate study options in science and medical sciences.

21/10/2014 Academic Three Minute Presentation Competition: A chance to showcase your research and to win an iPad! The College of Business Research Office is hosting the Academic Three Minute Presentation competition at the Business Research Showcase, 2014.

24/10/2014 On the origin of firms from the innovation commons Jason Potts & Prateek Goohra presents On the origin of firms from the innovation commons

24/10/2014 Work of Leadership Cluster ‘Explorespace' session The Center for Business Education Research invites you to an 'Explorespace' session being organised by the “Work of Leadership Cluster”. Academic and PhD colleagues are encouraged to attend and actively participate.

28/10/2014 HIRi Seminar Series- Professor Nigel Burnett Professor Nigel Burnett from Monash University will hold a seminar at the Health Innovations Research Institute’s 2014 Seminar Series, a range of discussions which will address key health issues.

There are currently no research seminars scheduled at this time. Future events will be listed here when available.