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Upcoming events

29/11/2014 Ei Wada artist talk on Falling Records Japanese musician and artist Ei Wada uses old electric and acoustic instruments to create multi-channel performance arrangements.

29/11/2014 Experimenta Recharge opening weekend media art seminar Join us for one, two or all three panel discussions on key thematic topics in media art.

02/12/2014 Writing good qualitative research well The Qualitative Interest Group will hold its final meeting for this year on Tuesday, 2 December: the topic is 'Writing good qualitative research well'.

04/12/2014 Tom Nairn Lecture 2014 with former French PM Lionel Jospin This annual lecture brings together pre-eminent thinkers on global issues to share their knowledge and propose big ideas for the future.

04/12/2014 Book launch 'The Public: City Essays in Honour of Paul Mees' RMIT’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies and the Centre for Urban Research are proud to present the launch of The Public City .

04/12/2014 Unified distributed algorithm for non-cooperative games Lecture by Professor Jong-Shi Pang, Epstein Family Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California.

08/12/2014 Public Seminar: The Idea of the University for the 21st Century Led by Professor Barbara Kehm, Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change, University of Glasgow.

09/12/2014 Play and Creativity inside and outside the classroom In this seminar, Professor Chris Steyaert from the University of St Gallen (Switzerland), will discuss the possibilities of smaller and larger creative interventions and playful practices that shape (differently) the learning process of participants/students.

10/12/2014 Getting Published! Professor Michael Beverland from the University of Bath, UK will talk about publishing in the Journal of Marketing Management and getting published more generally.

12/12/2014 Book launch: An Introduction to Sustainability The Centre for Urban Research and School of Global, Urban and Social Studies present Associate Professor Martin Mulligan's latest offering.

12/12/2014 From ensemble learning to learning in the model space By Professor Xin Yao, Chair of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK, and President of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

15/12/2014 Redesigning manufacturing Presented by Professor Michael Beverland.

There are currently no research seminars scheduled at this time. Future events will be listed here when available.