Higher degrees by research – quality assurance and improvement policy


Quality assurance and improvement

1. Quality at RMIT University

Quality assurance and improvement in higher degrees by research are integral to the mission of RMIT University.

2. Annual review against best practice

The quality of higher degrees by research will be evaluated on an annual basis using appropriate feedback and benchmarking against best practice.

3. Instruments

Instruments such as the QART review and various candidate feedback surveys will be used.

4. Indicators for monitoring and evaluating

RC is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the following, using agreed indicators:

a) processes and procedures for the admission of candidates,

b) induction activities,

c) the resources and support made available to candidates,

d) membership of the Supervisor Register,

e) supervisory load and workplan allocation for supervision,

f) the provision and take-up of professional development activities for supervisors,

g) research training activities available to candidates,

h) timeliness of program approvals and completions,

i) thesis/project examination performance,

j) the effectiveness and currency of policies and procedures relating to higher degrees by research,

k) the appropriateness and effectiveness of quality assurance and improvement processes as described in Section 3.

5. RC Annual review

RC will conduct an annual review of the RMIT Policy and Procedures on Higher Degrees by Research.

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