Learning and Teaching Investment Fund

The Learning and Teaching Investment Fund supports initiatives that enable RMIT University to realise its strategic objectives in learning and teaching.

Photograph of 2012 LTIF project ‘By Design: New curriculum for an Urban, Global and Connected Future’ from the School of Design TAFE

A project to investigate and pilot online maths support for eLearning.

The fund aims to encourage and support educational practices that are characterised by scholarly approaches to effective teaching, which lead to quality learning experiences for students; which use technology and learning spaces in innovative ways and which provide students with a cohort experience that makes a difference to their lives. LTIF outcomes are expected to lead to improved student satisfaction and performance levels.

All RMIT University staff with direct responsibility for conducting and supporting learning and teaching activities are invited to apply.

Priorities for projects in 2015

Applicants should base their proposal on priority areas derived from the RMIT Strategic Plan:

  • improving student retention or the cohort experience
  • designing or redesigning sustainable programs for onshore and offshore delivery, including flexible delivery
  • redesigning curricula for new learning spaces and multichannel delivery
  • improving tertiary pathways or student progression
  • promoting and supporting indigenous participation in tertiary education

Projects funded in 2014

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