Designing the future

RMIT is a globally recognised centre of design research and innovation.

This reputation is built on a long history of excellence in the field of built environment with a focus on: contemporary design practice, architecture, urban and regional planning, and building.

Who is making an impact?

  • The Design Research Institute investigates issues such as new urban environments, creating healthy and supportive workplaces, interactive spatial information systems and performance-enhancing sports garments.
  • The Global Cities Research Institute addresses questions of sustainability, resilience, security and adaptation in the face of processes of globalisation and global climate change.
  • The Platform Technologies Research Institute designs ‘smart materials’ as the foundations for new devices across a range of machine, environmental and biological systems.
  • The Centre for Advanced Materials and Performance Textiles focuses on the development of high performance comfort textiles, defence apparel for ballistic and blast protection, and wool performance fabrics.
  • The Centre for Design conducts research into life cycle assessment, sustainable products and packaging, climate change and social context, and sustainable building innovation.
  • The Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials develops structural optimisation techniques to design innovative buildings and bridges, and to create new microstructures of materials and composites.
  • The Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work examines regions in the midst of social, environmental and economic transition to assist industry, government, workers and communities manage the impact of these changes.
  • The Centre for Urban Research conducts research on housing and homelessness, urban and regional planning, and sustainability and climate change.
  • The Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre research projects address challenges across the areas of customer service needs, ecosystems for service delivery and services of the future.
  • The Centre for Art, Society and Transformation researches the transformative capacities of art to interpret, contribute to, and affect the quality and character of communities in the age of rapid urbanisation and globalisation.
  • The Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory examines the social role and impact of games, entertainment and media industry.
  • The Exertion Games Lab invents the future of gaming in order to understand how to design better interactive experiences, in particular games that require intense physical effort from players.
  • The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation conducts fundamental and applied research that improves our understanding of the creative sector’s role in a modern economy.
  • RMIT’s state-of-the-art Design Hub brings together a range of stakeholders from industry, government, community and education sectors to further enhance RMIT’s world-class design facilities.
  • The RMIT Design Archives actively collects material relating to Melbourne design from the twentieth century onwards.

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