24 September 2012

RMIT crowned Melbourne's top programmers

Melbourne’s best programmers come from RMIT University, according to the latest results from this year’s ACM South Pacific Programming Contest, held earlier this month.

Finishing first, third and fourth in the Melbourne round of the contest, the three teams from RMIT Programming Club dominated a field including teams from the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, La Trobe University and Swinburne University of Technology.

Club convenor Dr Xiaodong Li is amazed at the rapid progress of a club that was formed only in July 2010.

“To top a field that includes most of the local universities, including the University of Melbourne, is quite a coup for a club that’s only been around two years,” he said.

RMIT’s winning team, “Fluffy objective”, also finished 12th overall for the whole South Pacific region, out of 89 university teams from across Australia and New Zealand, an improvement on last year’s 16th.

"Our top team’s ranking in the contest has steadily improved and 2012 is the best so far,” Dr Li, a senior lecturer with the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, said.

“But we’ve now grown into a club with more than 80 registered members and with improving results in this international competition we’re clearly onto a good thing.”

“This is an excellent result and I’d like to congratulate all members of the club for their huge effort in the past year,” said Dr Li, who also singled out “Fluffy objective” member Ben Stott for praise in his role as the club’s official coach.

“Ben Stott deserves a special thank you for keeping the club meeting running,” Dr Li said.

“As well as being a member of our top team, Ben has contributed lots of his time and effort in coaching our members and his contribution is greatly appreciated."

RMIT Programming Club entered three teams in this year’s Melbourne contest:

  • “Fluffy objective”: Ben Stott, Jake Barnes, Ryan Steed. (1st in Melbourne, 12th in the contest overall)
  • “Cookie Cluster Concept”: Christian Würtz, Diego Velazquez, Emrys Bayliss. (3rd in Melbourne, 46th overall)
  • “Super Thin Kludge”: Xinjue Wang (Warwick), Cheng Yu, Pulkit Karwal.
    (4th in Melbourne, 62nd overall)

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