Lab on a Chip Technology

Lab-on-a-Chip is a research theme of the Microplatforms research group.

Our mission is to create platforms using accessible microtechnologies that enable fundamental research in biomedicine, chemistry, and physics. We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with expertise in analytical chemistry, materials, microscale fabrication, fluid mechanics, optics, and control.

The activities of the lab-on-a-chip research group are a major thrust of the platform technology institute. We are also supported by national competitive grants including ARC Linkage Grants, DIISR International Science Linkages, and NHMRC Development Grants funding. We work in close collaboration with researchers from a range of leading Australian biomedical research centres.

Our current research activities include:

  • Optical fibre tip devices
  • Lab-on-a-Chip platforms for blood research
  • Optofluidics

More information

Key contact

Professor Arnan Mitchell
Research Theme Leader
Microplatforms Research Group Leader

Dr Gorgi Kostovski
Research Fellow

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