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Prof John Buckeridge

John Buckeridge is Professor of Natural Resources Engineering in the School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering. He maintains wide international involvement in the environment and ethics, and teaches ethics in a range of RMIT programs. John has published extensively on professional ethics, environmental impact assessment, geotechnology, and the palaeobiology, evolution and distribution of marine invertebrates.


BSc (Cant.), MSc (Hons), PhD (Auck.), (CP Env), FGS (Lond.)

Professional memberships

  • Fellow: The Geological Society (London)
  • President (2007-2009): International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)
  • IUBS Executive (2004-2012): As an IUBS Officer 2007-2012.
  • Chair: International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) Ethics Commission
  • Chair: International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) Working Group on Environmental Ethics
  • President (2000-2008): International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS)
  • Honorary Member (2010-): Hungarian Academy of Science

Research and consulting expertise

  • Natural Resource Engineering
    • Assessment for Environmental Effects
    • Environmental management
    • Geotechnical: Slope stability studies
  • Environmental Ethics
    • Ethics in science and engineering education
    • Development of universal ethical norms for the environment
  • Marine Biology and Palaeobiology
    • Arthropod evolution and palaeoecology, special emphasis on the Cirripedia
    • Cretaceous - Recent biodiversity and palaeobiogeography of Porifera (Lithistida)
    • Cainozoic stratigraphy, evolutionary patterns and biogeography

Selected publications (since 2010)

PDFs of these papers are available – please email John Buckeridge.

  • Buckeridge, J.S. 2013. The evolution of ethics education as an integral part of the engineering curriculum. In Engineering Education: Transformation and Innovation. Beanland, D. and R. Hadgraft (Eds.) UNESCO. RMIT Publishing, Melbourne, Australia. 8: 79-83. ISBN: 978-192-201-6096
  • Buckeridge, J. S., Kelly M., Janussen, D. and H. M. Reiswig, 2013. New Palaeogene sponges from the Red Bluff Tuff, Chatham Island, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 56(3): 171-185. / 10.1080/00288306.2013.808235
  • Buckeridge, J. S., Linse, K. and J. A. Jackson, 2013. Vulcanolepas scotiaensis sp. nov., a new deep-sea scalpelliform barnacle (Eolepadidae: Neolepadinae) from hydrothermal vents in the Scotia Sea, Antarctica. Zootaxa 3745 (5): 551-568.
  • Buckeridge, J.S., 2014. Environmental Ethics: an overview, assessing the place of bioscientists in society, supplemented with selected Australian perspectives. Integrative Zoology 9(1): 14-23. 10.1111/1749-4877.12028 <file://localhost/doi/%2010.1111:1749-4877.12028> (available on-line December 2013).
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