09 December 2011

Practical experience gives competitive edge

<em></em>Accounting student Mary Zangari is undertaking her Cooperative Education placement with RMIT Financial Services.

Accounting student Mary Zangari is undertaking her Cooperative Education placement with RMIT Financial Services.

Working as a Finance Assistant is helping RMIT University student, Mary Zangari, build skills for a successful business career.

The Professional Accountancy student is undertaking a 12-month work placement as part of the RMIT Cooperative Education Program.

This program allows Business students enrolled in four-year undergraduate degrees to obtain practical experience during their third year of study, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Ms Zangari is completing her work placement with the Financial Services team at RMIT.

Her role involves providing financial support across all areas of the University’s activities in order to meet its operational requirements.

“I have gained insights into various accounting practices, enabling me to extend my accounting knowledge in a practical setting while making valuable contributions to the business,” she said.

Stuart Donaldson, Executive Director, Financial Services, strongly supports the Cooperative Education Program and believes it is beneficial to both employers and students.

“I completed my Accounting degree at RMIT so I understand the importance of gaining that practical experience. It helped launch my finance career and I know it will do the same for Mary,” he said.

Ms Zangari chose to study at RMIT because of the balance between academic theory and work integrated learning (WIL) opportunities.

“The RMIT accountancy program is very practical and industry relevant which gives students a competitive edge over other graduates,” she said.

She recommends the program to other students, describing it as both challenging and rewarding.

“It combines theory with practical situations making you more work ready and skilled upon completion on your degree,” she said.

In the future Ms Zangari hopes to become a fully qualified chartered accountant and to gain some work experience overseas.

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