22 November 2011

Draft partnered delivery of coursework awards policy and procedure

The above policy suite is now closed for comment.

Staff interested in delivery of awards through partnerships are invited to provide feedback on the draft policy, procedure and guidelines.

The initial draft of this policy and procedure have been subject to extensive consultation across the University. This has been used to further revise the drafts. The key changes from the policy titled Offshore teaching models and program architecture policy which is being replaced are:

1. The policy now focuses on delivery of award programs through partners which includes offshore teaching rather than focussing only on “Offshore Teaching”.

2. Its scope includes on and offshore partnered delivery as well as award and non-award courses.

3. The proposals allow for RMIT to teach anything between 0 – 100% of a program under different conditions designed to ensure quality and standards are maintained while allowing for viable delivery options.

4. A requirement for partners’ staff (teaching staff and professional staff) and for RMIT staff teaching through a partnership to undertake Professional Development provided by RMIT has been introduced.

5. The minimum requirements for RMIT teaching into any partnered delivery program under Model 2 (namely 25% for UG and 50% for PG programs) have been clarified.

6. Sections of the previous policy have been removed that related to the requirement for there to be differences between offshore and onshore program architecture.

7. A “Model 3” where the RMIT award is delivered by a partner under a licensed, quality assurance framework determined by RMIT University has been added for all Nationally Accredited awards, and for RMIT accredited awards up to AQF level 5 and for partnerships with excellent universities.

8. Definitions of minimum standards for Student Administration and Student Services in support of delivering an “RMIT Student Experience” have been expanded and clarified and formally included in the procedure and in a new set of guidelines.

9. Issues relating to other academic policies, have been identified and further consideration will be required.

The consultation process affirmed the advantages of an holistic, systematic and university–wide approach to planning and supporting offshore delivery.

  • Partnered delivery of coursework awards policy V6 (DOC 88 KB 5p) (Staff log-in required)
  • Partnered delivery of coursework awards procedure V6 (DOC KB 109 6p) (Staff log-in required)
  • Draft partnered delivery of coursework awards guidelines V6 (DOC 94.5 KB 4p) (Staff log-in required)

Please provide feedback to Dr Eveline Fallshaw, Director, International Academic Policies Project, eveline.fallshaw@rmit.edu.au by COB Tuesday 22 November 2011