Statistical Consulting Service

The School of Mathematical & Geospatial Sciences is offering a statistical service to all Higher Degree by research students. This consultancy service is supported by the School of Graduate Research.

Students are encouraged to complete an application form (DOC, 80KB, 4p) early in their candidature which outlines the level of support required and the description of their research. They will then be booked in to the consultancy service and will have 2 statisticians review their research problem and advise students of any statistical methods or processes that they will need to consider for their research.

Students will be able to visit the consultancy service throughout their candidature to ensure they are on the right track with the statistical component of their research.

Our expertise covers, but is not limited to:

  • Data reduction methods
  • Discipline specific tests
  • Advanced inferential tests
  • Basic inferential tests
  • Basic descriptive statistics
  • Assumption testing
  • Screening and cleaning of data
  • Questionnaire/survey development and
  • Research Design
  • Data Collection and Recruitment Procedures
  • Psychometric Analysis

For Students

We can’t stress enough the importance of coming to visit the service early in your candidature, especially before you design your experiment and well before you start your data collection. This visit could save you huge amounts of time and effort in the long run.

Once you visit the centre, you will be granted access to an online repository containing information resources and examples for different statistical methods and pointed to the section which will assist you in your research.

The consultants are not there to do your analysis for you or to write up your results, but they are there to guide you in the best methods for analysing your data, to show you how to use statistical software relating to your research questions and to show you how best to interpret and present your results.

Please fill out the application form (DOC, 80KB, 4p), email it to and someone from the consultancy service will contact you to set up your appointment.

For questions and further information, contact: