Places to look for volunteering opportunities:

Volunteering and community work

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an activity which takes place through not for profit organisations and is undertaken:

  • to be of benefit to the community
  • of the volunteer's own free will
  • for no financial payment
  • in designated volunteer positions only.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Through volunteering you can:

  • develop your skills and get experience
  • test your vocational direction
  • demonstrate your commitment to your chosen field
  • explore new career opportunities
  • develop networks
  • make friends
  • build your confidence
  • pursue a hobby or special interest
  • develop a greater understanding of people whose life is different to yours
  • get a reference
  • making a contribution to society.

Where can I volunteer?

Some popular areas of volunteering for students are:

  • education - mentoring, tutoring, coaching, teaching English, assisting with school holiday programs
  • community, welfare and health - telephone counselling, advocacy, social support, assisting with therapy programs, fundraising
  • environment - campaigning, biological research, tree planting and conservation work
  • arts and cultural activities - museum guide, performing, assisting with exhibitions and festivals
  • human rights and social justice - campaigning, public education, advocacy
  • sports - coaching, committee work, fundraising
  • media - working in community radio and television, writing educational and promotional materials.

Please note: if you volunteer as an RMIT LEAD accredited volunteer

  • you will receive a certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor
  • your contribution will appear on your academic transcript.

How much time will I need?

As a volunteer you need to be prepared to make a commitment, which can be negotiated between you and the organisation that you are volunteering for.

Remember: reliability and punctuality are just as important in volunteer work as in paid employment.

Your rights

As a volunteer you have the right to:

  • suitable training and support
  • a clear job description.
  • a volunteer role that is not exploitative.