14 February 2013

RMIT students lead fashion textile awards

Lois McGruer-Fraser took the top prize at the Textile Institute of Southern Australia's student design awards, earning an expenses-paid opportunity to live and study in Paris.

Ms McGruer-Fraser was selected by a panel of local and international fashion and textile design professionals, including alumni from the Paris American Academy, where her four-week course will take place.

"I am honoured to receive this exciting award, and look forward to the incredible experiences in Paris," Ms McGruer-Fraser said.

Ms McGruer-Fraser and six other RMIT University students between them won nine of the 14 awards.

Natasha Fagg, Lauren Ginn, Jiwon Ahn, Kirby Hanrahan, Kara Liu and Ellen Coyle received cash, work experience and career mentoring prizes.

Robyn Healy, Associate Professor in the School of Fashion and Textiles, said: "We're thrilled that Lois was chosen for this exciting award.

"Her unique and innovative designs make her an excellent overseas ambassador for RMIT and the fashion industry.

"That more than half of the winners are RMIT students is a great representation of the quality of students the School of Fashion and Textiles produces each year.

"We look forward to hearing about the excellent contributions these winners will make to the fashion industry."

The awards were handed out by the Textile Institute of Southern Australia, a professional organisation for members of the textile, fashion and footwear industries.

The annual awards recognise Australia's best new design talent and attract competitors from tertiary institutions Australia-wide.

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Lois McGruer-Fraser receiving her award

Lois McGruer-Fraser (centre) is accompanied by a model wearing her design, and presented with the Grand Prize by Peter Carman, President of the Paris American Academy (left) and International Fibre Institute CEO Joseph Merola.