03 December 2012

Students' urban style hits the streets

Students will love the latest must-have streetwear from RMIT University - they designed it themselves.

A university-wide design competition attracted 60 entries with 135 designs.

Judging panel chair, Associate Professor Karen Webster, Deputy Head of the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles, said students were asked to think cool, creative urban graphics that they and their friends would be proud to wear and that stayed true to RMIT's brand personality.

The other competition judges were leading experts in creative industries: Peter Alexander, leading Australian sleepwear designer; Alex Cleary, Designer, Alpha60; and Lachlan Sumner, Senior Communications Creative at branding, design and communications agency 3 Deep.

Associate Professor Webster, a former Director of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, said RMIT was a connected, global university of technology and design with innovation at its core.

"It isn't afraid to take risks, to step outside the box and be noticed for doing things differently," she said.

"The University's brand traits are bold, fearless, ingenious - with an urban edge, and that's exactly what our students delivered with these new designs."

Associate Professor Webster said Di Erdmanis, who is in her graduate year of Textile Design and Development at the Brunswick campus, came up with a smiley face design.

"We have a writing design from Sophie Clark, who is in her second year of the Advanced Diploma of Textile Design and Development, and is currently on exchange at the Swedish School of Textiles," she said.

"There is a pixel collage from Linshan Zhao, who is in her fourth year of studying multimedia systems in a Bachelor of Design through the schools of Computer Science and Information Technology and Media and Communication.

"Following a Facebook competition, we have a joint people's choice design for a game theme from Nil Corominas and Rodrigo Solana, both third-year industrial design students in the School of Architecture and Design."

The first 1,000 of the smiley face T-shirts will be available at the RMIT shop, Linktopia, at the City campus before the annual graduation parade on 12 December. The hoodies will be available by the start of Orientation in February.

The five winners will share more than $3,000 worth of prizes including a flight in the RMIT hot air balloon and breakfast at the Sofitel.

The cotton T-shirts and hoodies will be available in two shades of grey, light and dark, and supplied by Melbourne company Arid Zone. T-shirts will be $25 and hoodies $45.

What the winning designers said about their work:

  • Di Erdmanis - smiley: "I have designed a compelling graphic, which appeals to both genders. It can be utilised across continents, diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities. It has been designed to appeal to the wider community, be cool, urban and have an eternal quality."
  • Sophie Clark - The writing design: "The design is both modern and eye-catching with both written and visual graphics, capturing the traits of RMIT through clever play on words."
  • Linshan Zhao - Spring Like: "Elements combine blossom and gentle wind, with shades of transparency though the sunshine you can almost hear the wind chimes singing softly."
  • Nil Corominas and Rodrigo Solana - Are you in the game?: "This T-shirt represents a game, a game in which you collect the knowledge given by RMIT (red dots and cherries). When you collect all that knowledge, you get the biggest prize - success."

Smiley face design on tshirt

The smiley face T-shirt.

Writing design on a tshirt

The writing design.

RMIT pixel collage

The pixel collage.

Smiley face design on a hoodie

Smiley face hoodies.

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Di Erdmanis

Di Erdmanis.

Sophie Clark

Sophie Clark.

Linshan Zhao

Linshan Zhao.

Nil Corominas and Rodrigo Solana

Nil Corominas and Rodrigo Solana.