About the Conference

The theme

Global Shifts 2012 – Social Enterprise Conference is the first of its kind to be held at RMIT. Bringing together change-makers, entrepreneurs and high-profile leaders from Australia and abroad the conference will discuss, debate and demonstrate ways in which pushing the boundaries of existing business models can contribute to positive social change.

The conference builds on the groundswell of activity and commitment in the social enterprise space in our region and beyond, and aims to coalesce this energy into a powerful movement for change.

Held over three days the conference will not only stimulate and engage you in ideas and actions, you will have the opportunity to explore social enterprise Melbourne, network, and converse with people from all over the world who are seeking to bring about change.

The program

The conference program will offer panels, keynotes, activities and workshops over 3 days.


Dec 12

Throughout the day delegates will have the opportunity to network, explore Melbourne’s social enterprise businesses, and participate in master classes and workshops. The evening will feature the official conference opening, which will include a public keynote and a cocktail reception

Main Conference

Day One – Dec 13

Consisting of 4 concurrent sessions, two keynotes and a conference dinner, day one will set the scene for the conference and delve into some of the current local and global conversations around social enterprise.

Main Conference

Day Two – Dec 14

Day two will consist of two concurrent sessions, two keynotes and a series of intimate ‘conversations’ with experts and key change makers on topics raised during the conference.

The conference will conclude with a look at some of the global responses to the issues we will discuss on the previous days and end by bringing it back to what we, as individuals, can do to support and even lead the growth of social enterprise in Australia and beyond.

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Keynote speakers

  • Pamela Hartigan – Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Bunker Roy – Founder and CEO, Barefoot College
  • Chid Liberty – Founder and CEO, Liberty and Justice

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If you are interested in sponsoring the conference or getting involved in any way, please contact Julie Roberts; email Julie.roberts@rmit.edu.au or call +61 3 9925 5141.

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The Social Enterprise Group
The Social Enterprise Group aims to support students in developing and creating sustainable social enterprises, as well as promoting a culture of social entrepreneurship across the university and broader community. In 2009 the College of Business assumed responsibility for the oversight and management of the Social Enterprise Group, and appointed Danny Almagor as RMIT’s Social Entrepreneur in Residence.