Statute 3.3 – The Vice-Chancellor and President (Rescinded)

This Statute is rescinded from 4th March 2014 and is replaced by RMIT Statute No. 1. Please refer to this document for any transitional arrangements or for reference purposes.

1. The Council shall appoint a Vice-Chancellor and President for such period and on such conditions as the Council decides.

2. The Vice-Chancellor and President will be the chief executive officer of the University and:
(a) by reason of the office will be a member of every University body except the Audit and Risk Management Committee of Council;

(b) may, subject to the precedence of the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor, preside at any meeting of every University body except the Council.

3. The Vice-Chancellor and President shall, subject to the Act, Statutes and Regulations and to any resolutions of the Council, be responsible to the Council for the academic and administrative affairs of the University and shall have such powers as are necessary or incidental thereto.

4. Regulations made pursuant to this Statute will come into effect when displayed on the university’s Statutes and Regulations web site.

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