Ian Potter Foundation

Potter Rural Community Research Network (PRCRN)

The Potter Rural Community Research Network (PRCRN) at RMIT University Hamilton was established in February 2010 through grants from the Ian Potter Foundation, the Handbury Family Trust and RMIT University. It aims to build rural futures research capacity in regional Victoria, undertaking research projects which address the increasing uncertainty and complexity of challenges facing rural enterprises and communities. The focus is on economic, social, demographic, cultural, environmental and political issues.

The PRCRN aligns with the RMIT Strategy to 2015 through its connections with professions, industries and organisations in regional Victoria, its exploration of the interdependencies between regional and urban centres, and its capacity to contextualise rural and regional issues within a global context. Located centrally in one of Victoria’s richest export regions, RMIT University Hamilton provides the PRCRN the ideal home for research that addresses key issues of relevance to rural and urban policy and planning.

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