Live Production and Technical Services

C4348 – Certificate IV in Live Production and Technical Services
C5332 – Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services

(Previously Certificate IV in Audiovisual Technology and Diploma of Audiovisual Technology)

  • Camera
  • Vision
  • Maintenance
  • Events

The Certificate IV in Live Production and Technical Services will provide students with a broad range of audiovisual technology skills at a technical level, including audiovisual production, video and presentation equipment operation, television studio production, digital photography, Protools, location lighting, practical placement and equipment maintenance.

The Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services will provide students with a range of specialised technical, creative and/or conceptual skills that may be used in corporate events, education, installation, screen and other sectors of the audiovisual industry. Students train in home theatre installation and design, broadcast news camera, short drama video production and editing, production lighting and audio, video technical direction, music DVD and events production and practical placement.

These are unique programs, not offered at any other Australian college or university.

Program information

Program guide – provides full details including program structure, entrance requirements and application information.

Student profiles


Julien de Sainte Croix

Audiovisual Technology graduate

“The engagement with industry is fantastic. I heard from a careers councillor at school that RMIT was great with its practical placement and industry involvement—I’ve finally got to experience this first hand.

“Initiatives such as the Industry Advisory Board are actually amazing, I remember doing my practical placement at the Melbourne Convention Centre last year and learning that not only had one of my teachers been a manager there previously, but that one of the technical operations senior heads supervising me was on the advisory board for my course—I could not ask for any greater involvement from a program!”


Karen Williams

Audiovisual Technology graduate

“AV is a fantastic course and gives you plenty of opportunities in the industry. It’s really good for hands on people but also has a good balance of theory and it’s a lot of fun learning about audio visual at RMIT.”

Working with industry

The MAVIS Project – The project is a collaboration between two RMIT departments: Music Industry (Technical Production) and Audiovisual Technology.


John Phillips – Program manager

Simon Embury – Teacher

Rowan Humphrey – Teacher

Rebekha Naim – Teacher