Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project

The Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project is a HEPPP funded project that will be completed in December 2014.


In August 2012 the Federal Government announced targets to increase within the tertiary sector the participation, retention and successful study completion of students from low SES backgrounds. It is expected that this increase will result in a rise in diversity within the student population.

In response to the predicted shift in the make-up of the student cohort, the Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project was initiated by the Dean, Learning and Teaching.

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to address the needs of a diverse student population through an ‘inclusive approach’ to curriculum design, teaching delivery and assessment.

In order to achieve the above, a project team is working collaboratively with teaching staff and central support staff to:

  • Design and trial new and existing inclusive teaching approaches, learning activities and assessment tasks
  • Produce hands-on teaching resources and assessment materials which support an inclusive teaching practice
  • Provide and assist with professional development resources and delivery in inclusive teaching.

Contact the project team

Educational Developers working on this project are located within the central Learning and Teaching Unit and across the Colleges:

Learning and Teaching Unit

College of Business

College of Design and Social Context

College of Science, Engineering and Health

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