14 March 2012

Lecturer plans German visit

A senior lecturer in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is planning to swap places with a German colleague for six weeks later this year.

RMIT University's Dr Sherman CP Cheung and his research partner from the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) in Germany have received an ATN-DAAD Joint Research Cooperation Scheme grant.

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) and the German Government's Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have provided $400,000 support for 13 new projects under a research exchange scheme between ATN and German researchers for 2012-13.

The DAAD scheme is the world's largest scholarship program supporting the exchange of academics, including early career researchers and junior scholars from both countries who are working on joint research projects.

The ATN-DAAD Joint Research Cooperation Scheme provides two years of funding for exchange visits between ATN and German researchers to work on high-quality research projects.

The program has an emphasis on fast-tracking the careers of proven young researchers through exposure to international collaborations and international best practice in research.

Dr Cheung will visit and work together with researchers at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at HZDR.

He will exchange his numerical modelling skills and experimental experience with them and continue to investigate and develop mathematical models for gas-liquid flows.

"The success of the project will lead to a better fundamental understanding of the gas-liquid multiphase processes which are the crucial procedure for many Australian mineral, manufacturing and value-added industries," Dr Cheung said.

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