Sustainability and climate change challenges

Study reveals a culture of gleaners
Researchers investigating the reuse of hard rubbish have found organised scavenging - or "gleaning" - is well embedded in Australian culture.

Climate change, adaptation and urban resilience in the Asia-Pacific
An international workshop hosted at RMIT Vietnam has showcased climate adaptation best practice across the Asia-Pacific.

Study examines electricity use in family life
Families around Australia are needed to take part in RMIT research to better understand how electricity is used in households with children.

Researchers working to track RMIT’s carbon footprint
A major research project will help RMIT staff and students monitor and compare their full carbon footprints across work, study and travel.

Planning crucial to cutting food waste: study
When it comes to food waste, the humble householder is the biggest offender - throwing out an estimated 40 per cent of the food they buy.

Exploring new horizons for sustainability in Asia
RMIT researchers have co-authored a pioneering guide to tackling issues of sustainability in south-east Asia.

Smart weather prediction system for disasters
Researchers are developing a smart GPS-based weather prediction system to help reduce the risk and impact of natural disasters.

Putting Indigenous housing and urban food security on the agenda
RMIT researchers have contributed to a new UN declaration that says Indigenous equality is the key to sustainable urban development.

RMIT awarded $2.36m in ARC Linkage funding
RMIT University has been awarded more than $2.36 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants.

Research reduces construction site waste
RMIT University researchers are championing innovative waste avoidance strategies for the everyday construction site.

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