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Social enterprise and Melbourne

Social enterprise and for-benefit businesses are rapidly becoming part of the city-scape of Melbourne, add this into the mix of a dynamic street art scene, a complex cultural history and stunning old and new architecture, and you have a city worth exploring. Take time on the first day of the conference to join one of our organised walking tours, or arrange through our online conference community to meet up and network with someone new while exploring the city together.

Summer in the city is the best time to wander through Melbourne’s lane ways and discover the graphic expression covering off-the-street nooks and crannies; be intrigued by street poetry – simultaneously cryptic and moving; admire Melbourne’s graceful neo-Gothic monuments to its gold rush years; and discover easily overlooked remnants and traces of the Aboriginal people displaced by white settlement.

Located in the central retail area of the city, a foray out from RMIT also offers a great opportunity to complete your Christmas shopping. We can provide you with a list of social enterprises, Fairtrade and business-for-benefit traders where you can shop knowing you are contributing to the greater good.

As you explore stop off for a coffee at a social enterprise and watch the world go by: Melbourne is one of the world’s greatest multicultural cities.

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