Cross-cultural Psychology


The main areas of investigation are:

  • Attitudes toward disability and its management in different cultural groups
  • Psychological adjustment of new migrants and refugees
  • Racism and racial tolerance: Understanding and responding to racist attitudes and behaviour
  • Parenting style
  • Adjustment of international students to the higher education environment in Australia


Major collaborative Projects


Project Title and Funding


Prof Trang Thomas
Dr Sophia Xenos

Brides and Grandmothers: Filipino women as carers in Victoria.ARC Linkage (2004-2006)
Industry Partner: Fillipino Community Council of Australia

Dr Tonette Butler Wilks

Prof Trang Thomas
Dr Sophia Xenos
Ms Mila Cichello

The mental health and use of services of Filipino older people in Australia.NHMRC Scholarship (2003-2005)