Choosing your Study Abroad courses

The RMIT Study Abroad program allows you to study any course we offer, provided you have completed the necessary prerequisites at your home institution.

Below is a Step-by-step guide to help you through the course selection process.

How to choose your RMIT courses

  1. At RMIT a program is made of modules called courses. It is these courses that Study Abroad students choose to make up their study abroad program. Please visit the Programs and Fees webpage to view the range of programs available to RMIT Study Abroad students.

  2. From the “Choose your study level” drop down menu, select the level of study you wish to study at RMIT. This will most likely be the level you are currently studying at your home institution. Please ensure you have checked the relevant pre-requisites.

    From the “Choose an interest area” drop down menu, select the interest area that relates to the program you are currently studying at your home institution or the area you are interested in studying.

  3. From the “Choose a year” drop down menu, select the year you intend to study at RMIT.

  4. Click “Search” – You will now be presented with a list of all of the programs available to our International Students. Browse the list and find a program that interests you and click on the link for that program. This will take you through to an overview of the program selected.

  5. Click on the drop down section “Features”. This will give you an overview of the programs courses and will show the link “following program structure(s)”.

  6. Click “following program structure(s)” , located at the end of the list of courses – This will take you to the current enrolment structure for the chosen course and is therefore an indication of what will be taught the following year. Here you will find all of the courses that make up the chosen program as well as:

    a. in which year of the program they are taught
    b. whether the courses have pre-requisites
    c. the course code (needed for the application later)
    d. which campus the course it taught on (it’s best to choose courses taught at the same campus or at campuses that are close to each other)
    e. whether the course is taught in semester one, two or both.

    Find a course that interests you and click on the link for that course. This will take you through to a full description of the course you have chosen.

  7. In this course overview you will also see what the course pre-requisites are if applicable. Before applying, please make sure that you feel you have covered the area within your current studies.

  8. If you are happy that you wish to apply for the chosen course please make a note of the course code to add to your application later, and repeat the process to find up to 8 courses for your study abroad application. If you require assistance selecting a course, please contact

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