Parking for staff visiting City campus procedure


Intent and objectives

To outline the process for use of the RMIT Visiting Staff parking zone in Building 51 on the City Campus.


Applies to staff based at campuses other than the City campus who drive to the City on RMIT business.


Staff who are based at Bundoora and Brunswick and who are directed to work exclusively on the City campus for more than 2 consecutive days must make their own off-campus parking arrangements, if required.

Staff/Vehicles with an assigned City Campus bay must use that bay rather than one of the B51 Visiting Staff carpark bays.

City-based staff, including those who work in Buildings 51, are not eligible to park at the site.

Students are not eligible to park anywhere on the City campus.

Procedure steps and actions

Eight bays in the B51.1 garage on the City Campus have been designated an RMIT Visiting Staff parking zone.

Staff who are based at Bundoora and Brunswick and who are obliged to drive from their home campus to the City campus on RMIT business only, can apply for temporary access to this carpark through the B51 boomgate. They will be required to book a bay and an Access Card for the boomgate. Applications are to be made to the Security Customer Service Officer at Bundoora or the Facilities Services Coordinator at Brunswick.

Bookings cannot be made more than 24 hours in advance.

Users will be issued with a temporary parking permit which must be displayed on their dashboard when parked at the car park. Vehicles parked without a permit on display will be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice and fine. Users will park in any of the B51 Visitor bays (numbered 162 – 167 and 169 and 170 along the garage’s north wall) but not in any other bay in the garage.

Users must return the Access Card and Permit to the issuing officer immediately after the day of use. Permits and Cards must not be loaned to other drivers.

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