Swanston Library rooms

Group study rooms

  • 17 discussion rooms
  • Maximum booking period of 2 hours per group, per day
  • Facilities include PCs and whiteboards

Group design and media room

  • Data projector with screen and internet PC
  • DVD and Video player
  • Tables to seat 10 people
  • Whiteboards

The room is offered to RMIT students for group activities and project work. Book online or phone 9925 0353. This room is only available to students of RMIT. It is not offered as a classroom.

Postgraduate research room

Available to students enrolled in study leading to the award of an RMIT University postgraduate degree by research.

Description: Two computers with Internet access. The room is available for use for a maximum of two separate students.

Location: Building 10, Level 5 of the Swanston Library. Pick up the key from the service desk. Return the key at least ten minutes before the closing time. If a key is lost, you will be charged a replacement cost and administrative fee.

Bookings: Online via the Book It. Bookings are for 4 or 4.5 hours, commencing at 8.30am, 1.00pm or 5.30pm. On weekends, bookings start at Library opening times. All bookings finish 10 minutes before closing.

NOTE: The room may be booked in advance, but not for consecutive days.

If you are using our rooms

  • Take all your belongings when you finish and don’t leave anything unattended. We will not be responsible if your personal items go missing.
  • Leave the room clean and tidy.
  • Leave the room immediately if there is an emergency, or emergency drill.

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