Communication, Politics & Culture was published by Informit between 2001 and 2011, from Volume 34 to Volume 44.

From Volume 45 (2012) (available below) we began publishing as an online open access journal.

Note that in 2008 the journal changed from Southern Review: Communication, Politics & Culture, to its current title.

Issues for the period 2001-2011 are accessible via Informit’s Humanities and Social Sciences collection, to which many Australian and international libraries subscribe. Check your local libraries for details.

The editorial committee is considering options for making the archive available to a wider audience. In the meantime, a number of profile articles are available.

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Volume 45 (2012) Part 1

Editorial: In transition
Philip Dearman

Unthemed articles

Themed articles

Gruen Nation: Dissecting the show, not the business
Nicholas Carah, Sven Brodmerkel & Angie Knaggs


Valuing ‘voice’: Rethinking the ends of political, economic and social life in neoliberal context
A review of Nick Couldry (2010) Why Voice Matters: Culture and Politics after Neoliberalism, by Akina Mikami

More than melting glaciers: Making climate change meaningful
A review of Julie Doyle (2011) Mediating Climate Change, by Alanna Myers