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Full-time lecturer. Available for consultation by appointment most times, especially afternoons, when not in classes teaching.

Key Activities

Dr Robert Miller is a full-time Philosophy lecturer and writer who coordinates and teaches Philosophy courses at RMIT. He is also the coordinator of the Literature And Philosophy Major for RMIT B.Comm students and the Philosophy core courses for RMIT BA Creative Writing students. Four of his Philosophy courses are available as RMIT-wide Student Electives.

He also supervises students doing research in Philosophy and closely related areas.

In first semesters Dr Miller teaches/coordinates: PHIL1087 Introduction To Recent Philosophy: modernism to postmodernism; PHIL1002 Philosophy And Happiness; and COMM2343 Communicating The Self (this one is a 3rd course in the Major and not available as a Student Elective). In second semesters he teaches/coordinates: PHIL1003 Understanding Philosophy: themes from popular culture, and COMM1079 Media Ethics.

Dr Miller also frequently presents public lectures in Philosophy, e.g., at the Melbourne Existentialist Society, SoFia (Sea of Faith in Australia), the Kagyu E-vam Buddhist Institute, the Theosophical Society. Sometimes they include a musical content, as Dr Miller is also a musician and song lyricist. He also organises and conducts frequent Philosophy “jams” (informal discussions) open to interested RMIT students and ex-students (sometimes others) outside of semester classes and hours.


Master Of Arts in Philosophy, Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Master Of Literature in Philosophy, Cambridge University, England.

PhD in Philosophy, Monash University, Australia

Professional interests

Dr Miller has professional interests in Philosophy generally, but especially in the areas of Buddhism and Existentialism, and is closely associated with the Melbourne Existentialist Society and the Kagyu E-vam Buddhist Institute.


Dr Robert Miller has recently published a book:

Buddhist Existentialism: from anxiety to authenticity and freedom, Shogam Publications, Melbourne, 2008.

Available in bookshops; also through the Kagyu E-vam Buddhist Institute.

Several of his articles are published online and readily available for viewing, e.g., see:

Buddhist Existentialism : http://www.sof-in-australia.org/blog.php?blog_id=307

Postmodern Spirituality : http://www.sof-in-australia.org/blog.php?blog_id=306

Buddhist Existentialism: from anxiety to authenticity and freedom, Melbourne Cup Day Lecture, November 2009: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~exist/Previous.Lectures_5.htm#a2008

What Might Come After Postmodernism?: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~exist/Previous.Lectures_4.htm#a2007

Baudrillard’s Philosophy Of Seduction : http://home.vicnet.net.au/~exist/Previous.Lectures_3.htm#a2004

Beyond Postmodernism? Towards A Philosophy Of Play : http://home.vicnet.net.au/~exist/Previous.Lectures_2.htm#a2001

Philosophy At The End Of The Millennium: Now What?, Melbourne Cup Day Lecture, November 1999 : http://home.vicnet.net.au/~exist/Previous.Lectures_2.htm#a2000

See also:

Buddhist Summer School 2008, Buddhism Goes To The Movies, Course Preview Notes : http://www.evaminstitute.org.au/courses/buddhist_ss08.html#7

Many CDs and tapes of talks given by Dr Robert Miller over the years are readily available from the Kagyu E-vam Buddhist Institute Melbourne.

The Age newspaper articles by Dr Robert Miller:

Teaching Happiness Not Dogma : http://www.theage.com.au/news/education-news/teaching-happiness-not-dogma/2006/05/19/1147545527342.html

Cafés Give Food For Thought : http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2005/02/19/1108709446409.html

Research supervision

Dr Robert Miller has supervised students in Philosophy to MA and PhD.

Dr Robert Miller