Statute 2.8 – The Academic Board (Rescinded)

This Statute is rescinded from 4th March 2014 and is replaced by RMIT Statute No. 1. Please refer to this document for any transitional arrangements or for reference purposes.

1. The Academic Board (“the Board”) shall consist of a maximum of 46 members as prescribed by regulation of whom:

(a) no more than 34 must be persons elected by staff and students (in accordance with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology election statute). Of such elected members


9 must be Heads of School


6 must be academic staff elected from the academic colleges


5 must be higher education staff


5 must be TAFE staff


2 must be professors


7 must be general staff and/or students

(b) 11 ex-officio members including




Vice -Chancellor and President


Vice - Presidents


Director TAFE


University Librarian.

(c) 1 nominee of the Vice-Chancellor and President.

2. (a) A member of the Board who is unable to attend a meeting of the Board may nominate in writing to the Secretary of the Board not later than the advertised time of commencement of the meeting another person to act as that member’s proxy at the meeting provided that the person is eligible to be elected or nominated to or for the position held by that member;

(b) Any person nominated under sub-section (a) will be regarded as a member of the Board for the purposes only of the meeting for which the person has been nominated;

(c) A member will not be represented by a proxy at more than three meetings in any calendar year.

3. Without limiting the generality of the powers and duties conferred or imposed upon it by the Act, the Board:|

(a) shall approve the requirements for all higher education and vocational education and training awards conferred by the University and report decisions to Council;

(b) shall approve academic policies and procedures and report decisions to Council;

(c) shall provide advice and report to Council on academic matters;

(d) shall have such other powers and duties as may be assigned to it by the Council from time to time;

(e) may appoint such committees with such membership and for such terms as it considers appropriate;

(f) may by resolution delegate any of its powers, authorities, duties and functions (expressly reserving this power of delegation and the power referred to in paragraph 3(a) of this Statute) to:

(i) a committee or board nominated by it;

(ii) a member of the Board;

(iii) a prescribed officer of the University provided that no such delegation will prevent or otherwise limit the Board in the exercise of its powers, authorities, duties or functions.

4. The Board will meet:

(a) on such occasions as may be necessary for the Board to fulfill its responsibilities but not less than six times in any calendar year;

(b) when convened:

(i) at the discretion of the Chairperson; or

(ii) upon a request submitted in writing to the Secretary to the Board, of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and President or of ten members of the Board.

5. The Board at its first meeting in any calendar year shall elect from among its members a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson who will hold office until the first meeting of the Board in the next succeeding year.

6. (a) In the absence of the Chairperson the Deputy Chairperson shall preside;

(b) In the absence of both the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson a member elected by the members present shall preside.

7. The Academic Registrar or nominee shall be the Secretary of the Board.

8. (a) Elected members will hold office for a period of two years except that student members will hold office for a term of one year

(b) The election of student members will be held annually;

(c) An elected member will assume office on the first day of January following the member’s election.

9. Where a member of the Board:

(a) elected by staff ceases to be a member of staff; or

(b) elected by enrolled students, ceases to be an enrolled student;

that member will cease to be a member of the Board and the vacancy thereby created will be a casual vacancy.

10. Should a vacancy occur in the membership of the Board under section 9 prior to the expiry of a member’s term of office, an election will be conducted as prescribed to fill the vacancy, unless the remainder of the vacant term is less than 3 months in which case the vacant position may be left vacant for the remainder of the term.

11. Where an elected member of the Board is to be absent from the University for a period exceeding six months a person may be elected to be a member of the Board for the period of such absence.

12. The number of members who will constitute a quorum of the Board will be half the Board membership plus one.

13. Meetings of the Board shall be subject to Statute 1.2 ‐ Meetings.

14. Upon commencement of the Academic Board the Council shall appoint members to the elected positions and shall appoint the Chair and Deputy Chair. Thereafter, elections shall be conducted in accordance with the RMIT election statute.

15. Regulations made under this Statute will come into effect when displayed on the University’s Statutes and Regulations Website.

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