Research Centres

RMIT’s Research Centres are making a national impact in research.

Our Research Centres demonstrateRMIT’s research capabilities in focused research areas and undertake high impact research that has national recognition. Many of our research Centres are involved in influencing policy at a State and National level. The relationships RMIT’s Centres have with Industry and Government create opportunities to conduct relevant, focused, applied research in their areas of expertise.

Through their access to world class facilities, equipment and infrastructure, academics working within Centres contribute to an active and vibrant research environment. RMIT’s research Centres provide members and students with the opportunity to develop their research careers in a focused and well supported environment.

College based Research Centres

School based Research Centres

Latest news

  • New home for urban research 09/04/2014RMIT University has launched a new inter-disciplinary research centre focusing on critical urban issues and sustainable city living.
  • Disaster resilience in focus 04/04/2014RMIT researchers will focus on building the nation's resilience to natural disasters, supported by $2.75 million in funding grants.
  • RMIT research helps clean up space 26/03/2014RMIT University has signed on to a major new research initiative to help clean up our increasingly cluttered space environment.

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