The Microplatforms Research Group exploits the current revolution in accessible micro-technology to create platforms which enable fundamental research across all fields of science; achieve breakthroughs in important problems; and harness discoveries to create practical new technology.

We are a highly integrated team of engineers and scientists with specialisations spanning fluidics, photonics, sensors, advanced materials, micro- and nano-technologies, electronics and control. Our platforms enable fundamental research in physics, biomedicine and chemistry.

Our multi-disciplinary capabilities and wealth of practical experience at the micro-scale enables us collaborate with researches from diverse scientific disciplines to create unique platforms that are tailored to address important academic problems drawn from all fields of research.

The Microplatforms Research Group utilises the facilities and infrastructure of the Microelectronics and Materials Technology Centre.

The research group has 6 main research themes:

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Key contact

Professor Arnan Mitchell
Microplatforms Research Group Leader
E-mail: arnan.mitchell@rmit.edu.au

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