Statute 2.9 The Academic Portfolios (Rescinded)

This Statute is rescinded from 4th March 2014 and is replaced by RMIT Statute No. 1. Please refer to this document for any transitional arrangements or for reference purposes.

1. There will be the following academic portfolios:

Design and Social Context
Science, Engineering and Technology.

2. Subject to the Act, the Statutes and Regulations each academic portfolio:
(a) will carry out such teaching, research, training, examinations and other higher education and vocational educational and training activities within a Division as the Council on the recommendation of the Academic Board may approve;

(b) shall have a portfolio board constituted by regulation;
(c) may regulate its own administrative and academic affairs in accordance with the policies of the university.

3. The Council may divide an academic portfolio into schools and determine that an academic portfolio or school shall be within one or both Divisions.

4. The Council shall appoint a Pro Vice-Chancellor of each academic portfolio on such terms and conditions and for such period as the Council may consider appropriate.

5. Each academic portfolio will have the following members:
(a) all staff of the academic portfolio howsoever employed;

(b) all students enrolled in the academic portfolio; and

(c) such other persons as may be prescribed by Regulation under this Statute.

6. The Council may make Regulations providing for the establishing of academic portfolio boards, and with respect to, or providing for, any matter or thing which it is necessary or expedient to prescribe for the purposes of this Statute.

Regulations made under this Statute will come into effect when displayed on the university’s Statutes and Regulations Website.

Supporting (rescinded) Regulation

Regulation 2.9.1 - The Portfolio Boards

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