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Higher education

Create, view and print your class timetable via the Student Timetable System (STS).

For any queries, visit Higher education class timetables or STS FAQs.

Vocational education

View and print your class timetable.

Program queries

For all queries related to your program, please email the relevant program area..

Student Timetabling System (STS) for undergraduate and postgraduate students

How to book into a class via the STS website

The STS website is password protected. You will need your student ID and password in order to use it.

Please do not try to login to the STS before the designated start date or opening time because you will not be able to gain access.

Login information

First year students

  • Your username is your student number with an S in front; e.g. s9510622.
  • Unless you have previously changed your password, your default password is your date of birth backwards. For example, if you were born on 12 Sept 1980, your password would be 19800912.

Second and third year students

  • Please use the login ID and password you have been using previously to login to the RMIT computer network.