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Simon Lockrey

Key activities

Simon is a Research Fellow in the Sustainable Products and Packaging team and the Research Area Leader of the Sustainable Products and Services Research Area at the Centre for Design. He has worked as a Product Design Engineer both in Australia and Europe for almost a decade. His work has crossed a large range of industries, including design consultancies, leading commercial interior furniture manufacturers, and multinational appliance companies. The products he has designed have been both ‘small run’ and ‘mass produced’, as his roles have covered all stages of the design process. He has worked with a plethora of materials and processes, in both design and manufacturing environments. His more recent design work includes the Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum, the Dyson DC39 cylinder vacuum, and the Cyclone ‘Lock and Load’ Wheel Barrow. He remains in a design role as the Director of Froth Design, and continues to mentor students as he has in prior educational roles at various institutions.


  • B. Eng (Product Design, Hon)
  • PhD Candidate (School of Management)

Industry experience

  • Neopurple (Design engineer)
  • Schiavello (Project engineer)
  • Dyson (UK, Design engineer)
  • Froth Design (Director)
  • Swinburne/RMIT (Studio lecturer)

Professional interests

  • Swinburne University Alumni
  • Member of Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS)
  • Member of Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS) Oceania
  • Member of Design for Social Innovation Sustainability (DESIS) Melbourne
  • Member of International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI)


  • 2004 Peter Meggs Prize recipient (Swinburne University) - Best Product Design
  • 2004 W Brown Medal nomination (Swinburne University) - Best 5th Year Engineering Results
  • 2010 Red Dot Award recipient (Dyson)
  • 2011 Australian Design Award and Good Design recipient (Dyson)
  • 2012 Red Dot Award honorable mention (Dyson)
  • 2012 Australian Good Design recipient (Dyson)
  • Worked on recently released Cyclone ‘Lock and Load’ wheel barrow, Dyson DC30/31 handheld vacuum cleaner, Dyson dual channel floor tool, and Dyson DC39 cylinder vacuum
  • 2014 Melbourne Design Awards gold recipient (Glowpear)

Personal website

Simon Lockrey portfolio website

Media experience

  • Expert Guide profile
  • Interviewed at
  • Quoted in "Chinese greens"in BRW, Thursday, 08 April 2010 by Kath Walters
  • "The Design Response to a Wash of Green: Whole Systems and Life Cycle Thinking" in core77, Tuesday, 31 August 2010 by Simon Lockrey
  • Quoted in "Plastic vs Stainless Steel vs Aluminium reusable water bottles" in G Magazine, 22 February 2011 by Angela Tufvesson
  • "Double Diamond for Sustainable Strategy: Participatory LCA and Design Thinking" in core77, Thursday, 8 December 2011 by Stephen Clune and Simon Lockrey
  • Quoted in "SMART Pack receives LCA validation from RMIT" in Food Processing, 16 February 2012
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