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Issue 5/2012, 30 March 2012

Business on Bourke is the fortnightly newsletter for the College of Business. It features news and events, staff and student achievements, seminars and professional development opportunities.

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Debbi Fields

Around the College

Each edition we invite alternate members of the senior executive and management to provide an update on activities in their area. This week…

Kevin Adams

Relaunching MBA (Executive) in Vietnam using intensive delivery

Associate Professor Kevin Adams, Acting Head, Graduate School of Business and Law

It is a little over a month since I took on the role of Acting Head of the Graduate School of Business and Law (GSBL) and moved into the refurbished Emily McPherson (Building 13). Like in most Schools in the College there is lots of exciting things happening in the GSBL. However, rather than update you on these (you can look at the School website for this) I thought I would give you my impressions of working from the Emily McPherson building.

After being in Building 108 since the College moved in around the mid-90’s, the move to Emily McPherson has been wonderful - and not just because I don’t have to battle with lifts each day. The refurbished learning spaces and other areas are impressive and good to work in however, another great aspect is the connection to the remainder of the RMIT campus. Each morning coming to work I walk through the main campus and the Alumni Courtyard and you get a real sense of being part of a vibrant University - this was particularly evident during O-Week with the various tents and events being held along Bowen Street. For those of you in Building 108, I think you will find the upcoming move to the Swanston Academic Building to be a breath of fresh air.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to not mention at least one exciting development in the GSBL. This year marked the re-launch of the MBA (Executive) at RMIT International University Vietnam using an intensive delivery mode. The program has been designed to provide maximum access and flexibility for students in Vietnam. It also allows greater opportunities for interaction between students in Vietnam and Melbourne, and those studying through OUA. The re-design and implementation of the MBA (Executive) in Vietnam has been an exciting project for the GSBL and the MBA team both in Melbourne and at RMIT Vietnam.

[Source: Associate Professor Kevin Adams, Head of Graduate School of Business and Law]

Educators corner

Adobe pdf icon

PDF's and your iPad

There has been a marked increase in the amount of versatility being shown in the use of PDF’s for the iPad. If you are lucky enough to have your own iPad and don’t have to borrow one like I do, then you will no doubt have checked out the latest available readers. These readers allow any book purchases you make or downloads, including textbooks, easy to store and accessible at any time. You can also read PDF’s that are attached to your email.

Most word-processing programs including Google Docs and operating systems have very simple ways to convert any file to PDF. The iPad reads PDFs nearly as well as it does EPUB files: graphics and text look good on the large iPad screen, although page-turning isn't as smooth and conveniences such as in-book note-taking aren't common yet. Most books use an EPUB format that allows for the conveniences of the new “book reading” you see people engaged in on the train travelling to and from work. Having said that,there is still a place for PDF’s. So, what PDF reader is best for the iPad.

I think you need more than one. A number of good PDF readers exist for the iPad, including GoodReader and Stanza, but now that iBooks can import and read PDFs that's nearly become a moot point. You definitely need iBooks for reasons that I will go into in another article. There are ins and outs for all of these but iBooks is a built in application so, apart from the fact that it doesn’t cost anything, there are ease of use advantages as well. Another benefit for iBooks, for those of you who are fledgling writers, is that book publishing software called iBooks Author is available, specifically for the iPad, once again, at no cost. iBook Author allows writers with basic creative talents to knock themselves out with templates and tools for insertion of graphics, text and multimedia that are stunning to the eye. It’s the sort of eBook publishing I always envisaged would be available on an iPad.

If you would like any further information please contact Rod McCrohan in the Academic Development Group.

View Rod McCrohan's contact details

[Source: Rod McCrohan, Academic Development Group]

SAB Updates – 130 sleeps to go

Latest updates from the SAB Blog…


Visit the SAB Blog

YoursinSafety: Health and Safety News

The Health and Safety Team has developed a staff newsletter which has been designed to provide you with regular communications on relevant Health and Safety issues, and to keep you up to date with the activities of the Health and Safety team.

Inaugural March edition (PDF 44Kb)

[Source: Tim Allred, Senior Advisor - Health and Safety, Human Resources]

SAB Professional Development

A successful lunchtime seminar about encouraging interaction in lectures was held on Thursday 22 March.

The next seminar focuses on ways to enhance the classroom experience, using interactive technology: in class; out of class; peer review.


Wednesday 4 April, 12.30 – 1.30 pm


SAB Practice Teaching Space, Building 108, Level 8, Room 22


Register online

For Associate Professor Anthony Bedford,from the School of Math and Geospatial Sciences, College of Science, Engineering and Health, moving away from didactic lectures to lectorials and designing learning activities based on pre-reading, supports student interaction and engagement.

Associate Professor Joan Richardson and Ross Smith, from the School of Business IT and Logistics, talked about Business Computing1. With over 1000 students this semester, they are delivering the same material in three different venues: Capitol Theatre, computer labs and the SAB Practice Space. Responses from some of the Practice Space group have been fantastic and the teaching team is currently exploring changes to the delivery model.

The seminar was recorded and the video is available on the SAB Blog.

View the video on the SAB Blog

[Source: Dr Eileen Day, Academic Development Group]

Global corporate walking challenge

Schools and work units are encouraged to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge. The GCC is a program that increases your fitness, promotes teamwork, and supports you to be active, healthy, and more productive. Organisations enter teams of seven that update their step count each day. Every individual in the team receives a starter pack. The staff health checks conducted in November 2011, found that 71% of RMIT staff undertook less than adequate physical activity.

The GCC is fun and makes exercise fun. You will also be encouraged to look at your eating habits and are supported to change to a healthier diet with daily information, and weekly eating plans.

Last year 21 RMIT teams (143 staff) participated in the walking challenge. The participants walked, swam, and rode the equivalent of 192 million steps at an average of 12,546 steps per day. This is the same distance as three times around the equator. 91% of staff reported an improvement to their health as a result of the challenge, with 42% reporting weight loss. 50% also reported an improvement in their productivity.

The cost of the walking challenge is $97.90 per person. This amount can be funded by the school/work unit, the individual or a 50/50 split between the two.

Register your team

[Source: James Vassilopoulos, OHS Project Officer, Human Resources]

2012 Business on Bourke photo challenge

Win an iPad in 2012!

Yes you read correctly. You could win an iPad this year and all you have to do is enter the fortnightly Business on Bourke Photo Challenge.

Last edition’s theme was ‘Read’, and this edition, submissions were quite creative from pictures of books, to library spaces and of people reading.

Check out all the entries on Flickr.

View all entries

Congratulations to Sue Reynolds from the School of Business IT and Logistics, you are this week’s winner and in with a chance to win that iPad. The picture of an Information Management academic, perched on a stack of books while reading from an iPad was very clever. Well done!

The theme for our next edition is … Lunch

Send your entry to by 10 am Wednesday 11 April (due to Easter break).

Fortnightly winners will be published in the newsletter and readers will have the opportunity to vote for Quarterly Readers’ Choice Awards ($50 voucher prizes). At the end of the year all of our fortnightly and quarterly winners will be in the pool for final judging and the first prize of an iPad.

Rules and criteria

Recruiting Student Mentors/Team Leaders for the Mates at RMIT Program

Please encourage your students to attend the following sessions:

‘Smart Moves’ Information Session – Mentor Recruitment, presented by Student Wellbeing Advisors


Monday 2 April, 4 pm (repeated Thursday 5 April at 11 am)


Building 108, Level 3, Room 20

Get involved with the Mates at RMIT program. The Mates program assists new and commencing international students to adjust to life at RMIT and in Melbourne, and meet students across the colleges and campuses.

For more information email and include "Smart Moves" in the subject line, have a chat with the Student Wellbeing Advisor located in Student Central, Building 108, Level 3, Desk 6, or visit the Smart Moves website.

Visit the Smart Moves website

Visit the Mates at RMIT website

[Source: Andrés G. Villamizar M., Student Wellbeing Advisory Services, Student Services Group]

New program brochures – 2013 entry

Information about programs and online versions of the latest brochures can be found via the RMIT Future Students web page.

Online versions of the latest brochures

Visit the Future Students website

The University's brochures for future students commencing in 2013 are now available online and in hard copy. These brochures are used for large scale recruitment activities such as community careers expos. The more detailed, program-specific and interest-area specific brochures are currently in pre-production and are due for release in July in time for Open Day.

Recently released publications (on the right).

Thank you to all staff who have contributed to the sourcing of students to be profiled, and the approval of content for these brochures. This year we have a record number of Business students represented in the RMIT domestic Degree and Diploma Guide, including the cover photo of Ektaa Patel from the Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) program.

[Source: Natasha Emerson, Manager, Marketing, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Business]

Book review

This year is the National Year of Reading in Australia. To celebrate, we thought we should get on board and perhaps read a little more. Introducing a new, regular feature in our newsletter, a book review courtesy of the Business Library staff.

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • Social media, including Facebook and twitter marketing, blogging, word of mouth marketing, virtual worlds and social gaming
  • Mobile technologies, including mobile advertising, mobile apps, mobile service providers, QR codes and smartphones
  • Video, including video streaming, YouTube, and video advertising & marketing
  • Digital commerce, including mobile commerce, barcode scanning, couponing, shopper demographics, and customer loyalty.

The data is obtained from over 4,000 research companies, government agencies, universities and investment banks. Content is broken down by demographics and by region, and the emphasis is on comparative data analysis. While there is a strong focus on U.S. markets, there is sufficient coverage of Europe, Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

The major benefit of this resource is that it provides current statistical information and forecast data on digital media and marketing that is difficult to get elsewhere.

eMarketer is available from the Databases tab on the Library home page or through the Library Catalogue. An online demonstration of how eMarketer works is also available.

Library website

[Source: Annie Yee, Liaison Librarian for School of Economics, Finance and Marketing]

Pop Poll

The bi-weekly pop poll that tests the waters and captures the tenor of life in the College of Business.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Are we at all surprised that in this technology driven world, more than half the respondents to our last poll can’t actually remember when they last wrote a letter.

In the last week 11.9%

In the last month 8.5%

In the last year 22%

I can't remember 57.6%

If you have an idea or question you would like to pose please send it through to Our pop poll can be used to gather simple data on just about anything serious or trivial.

How old is your car?

Curious about the spending habits of our colleagues (or perhaps we are just noisy and want to know who has a new car), we thought we would ask, how old is your car?

Find out in the next edition how many of us are driving old bombs?

College of Business experts in the media

Media highlight of the week

Con Stavros from the School of Economics Finance and Marketing was quoted in the Herald Sun about the fantasy football phenomenon.

Dr Con Stavros said fantasy competitions - which have about 32 million members across the US and Canada, according to the industry peak body - soared in popularity when American football's NFL saw the marketing potential.

"One of the things the NFL has done really well is solve the problem of, 'Why should we follow games when our own teams are not participating?'," Dr Stavros says.

Read more in the media

[Source: Ainslie Goodall, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business)]


Profile features of College of Business students and alumni.

James Anastasios

James Anastasios, Master of Business Information Technology (MBIT)

“I chose RMIT because it has a great reputation in the industry for practical programs. Graduates come out with workrelevant knowledge and the central campus location makes everything so easy.” Read more

Chloe Young

Chloe Young, Bachelor of Business (Management)

“I chose RMIT because I was felt really comfortable in the environment. I knew that I would be to voice my opinions and be myself while learning and developing.” Read more


News in Business

Signpost to a career
Nothing motivates a student more than the prospect of real, attainable employment. That’s why the RMIT Careers Expo 2012 attracted more than 2,500 RMIT students to the Royal Exhibition Building.

Upcoming events

Are you travelling?

Staff are advised to check the Travel Bulletin before departure for advice regarding the health and personal safety precautions that apply to international destinations.

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