PhD Scholarships in Computer Science and IT

The School of Computer Science and IT is offering PhD scholarships to high achieving research students. For more information about these projects, see the further info section below.

Value and duration

The scholarship is valued at up to $25,000 per annum for three years (with a possibility of a six months extension). International candidates may be eligible for a tuition waiver.


To be eligible for these scholarships you must:

  • have an undergraduate or a masters degree in the area of Computer Science or related discipline, with outstanding grades
  • meet RMIT’s PhD entry requirements
  • show evidence of research ability — e.g. an honours degree, a minor thesis, some publication, or a well-developed preliminary research proposal, developed under the guidance of the supervisor
  • have an interest in cross-disciplinary research and ability to work in a team.

How to apply

Find out how to submit your application.

With approval from the project supervisor, you will need to submit your PhD application to RMIT University.

Open date

Applications are now open.

Close date

Applications close Wednesday 24 December 2014.

Further information

PhD scholarships are available for PhD research in the following projects.

Project: Modelling and Understanding Human Behaviour for Simulation


Professor Lin Padgham


This project involves exploring how to represent human behaviour in simulation systems, and how that behaviour interacts with other aspects of the simulation. The focus is on agent-based modelling and simulation systems, with Emergency Management as the application area.

The project is in collaboration with the NICTA constraint based optimisation group, and will involve investigation of how to integrate human behaviours into a larger simulation system.

Questions involve representation of human behaviours (building on Belief Desire Intention models), processes for eliciting and validating behavioural models, understanding of behaviours and their impact during execution, controlling and analysing behavioural details and their overall effects, technical integration of human behaviours with other aspects of a simulation, etc.

Candidates should have strong analytical skills and a solid background in computer science, as well as an interest in inter-disciplinary research.

Project: Web service design for transportation networks


Professor Athman Bouguettaya


This project involves the design of service-oriented management infrastructure for managing the databases and applications of the multimodal transportation networks.

Web services act typically as the building blocks for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Those building blocks need to be designed in an efficient and effective manner to provide a competitive service.

During this process, it is important to investigate the design issues related to granularity, abstraction, generality, etc. Similarly, it is also important to evaluate the functional, non-functional and behavioral properties of web services to produce an optimum design.

Therefore, developing a rigorous foundation that would provide sound design is paramount. It will help to reduce the effort of integration, minimize the impact of change, deliver appropriate levels of granularity, abstraction and generality, etc.

In addition to RMIT's PhD entry requirements, candidates should have background in a Computer Science or a related discipline. Apart from the PhD scholarship, a top-up scholarship may be considered for a strong candidate.


For further information about these scholarships and projects, email Associate Professor Xiaodong Li,